Successful Job Change to Major Blockchain Company During Working Holiday

F.M / 30s / Male

Annual Salary After Job Change:
4,500,000 yen
Major Blockchain Company / QA Engineer

Work History Before Job Change

I've been working in the R & D department of ERP software company in Spain and has over 4 years of experience as a QA engineer, not only in testing but also in development work.

Job Change Reason

I have always wanted to live in Japan and first came to Japan using the working holiday system. I wanted to work in Japan as it was, and wanted to change jobs to a company that is doing business that I am interested in, such as blockchain, while making use of my experience.

Reason for Joining the Company

I was able to get some job offers for this job change activity. Among the offers, the reason I chose my current job was because it was a famous company in the blockchain area with great potential in the future and I can acquire the most advanced technology as an engineer.

Comments from G Talent Consultant

He has had four years of experience as a QA engineer in his home country, and had a wide range of skills not only in testing but also in development. He also had a high level of ambition and learning ability, such as studying master degree while working, and studying Japanese by himself. He was evaluated on the job hiring process, not only because of his experience as an engineer, but also because of his ambition, learning ability and interest in blockchain. I sincerely hope he can build a brilliant career in the blockchain area that he has been of interest for a long time.