Job Change from Start-up Company to Large Scale Company

W.L / 30s / Male

Annual Salary After Job Change:
5,000,000 yen
Large Scale SIer / Infra Engineer

Work History Before Job Change

After graduated from a university in Myanmar, I went to a Japanese language school and an IT technical school in Japan. Later, I joined an outsourcing company specializing in system infrastructure field in Japan and worked for almost two years as an infrastructure engineer. And also I got a CCNA qualification while working for the company.

Job Change Reason

I did not actively do job change activity and wanted to change my job only if I had a good chance. Since my previous job was a small size company, I wanted to work for a major company with a better education system if possible.

Reason for Joining the Company

Actually, I have worked with my current company in my previous job, and I was very impressed at that time. When I received their job information from G Talent, immediately applied for the job and was able to get a job offer. I decided to join the company without hesitation, thinking that I could use my skills as an infrastructure engineer and further improve my career.

Comments from G Talent Consultant

I introduced companies that have an environment where he can further grow as an engineer while utilizing his skills. I was so surprised that it was a company he had ever worked together. He was evaluated highly his skills and personality by the company, so got offer that greatly increased his annual income.