Data Scientist at Large Scale Insurance Company

Private / 30s / Male

Sri Lanka
Annual Salary After Job Change:
Large Scale Insurance Company / Data Scientist

Work History Before Job Change

After 7 years of experience in system development in my home country, I got a master degee in Japan. Later, I worked in Japan as a financial system development engineer.

Job Change Reason

I wanted to improve my career in the data science fields such as big data and machine learning, so decided to change jobs.

Reason for Joining the Company

I was attracted to the global environment where I can communicate within the company in English. In addition, I can engage as a data scientist that I wanted, so I decided to join the company.

Comments from G Talent Consultant

He has been studying in the data science field, such as machine learning, on my own, and was keenly hoping for a career change as a data scientist. I introduced a company that he can use his high level of system development knowledge and a high level of motivation to learn. Improving skills in the financial industry, where data science is most utilized, would be a great prospect for him as a data scientist in the future.