Career Development in Fintech Field as a Moblie Application Engineer

J.D / 20s / Male

Annual Salary After Job Change:
9,000,000 yen
Major Blockchain Company / Mobile Application Engineer

Work History Before Job Change

I have experienced in mobile application development and team lead at various sites such as major banks and virtual currency operators.

Job Change Reason

I had been working with virtual currency and blockchain technology in my previous job, so I started looking for a working envrionment where can make my skills enhanve further in that area.

Reason for Joining the Company

The company has a high profile in the blockchain area and has many excellent employees, so I decided to make my skills grow at the company.

Comments from G Talent Consultant

I introduced companies that can further enhance his skills while utilizing his experience. The company which he joined is well-known worldwide in the blockchain field, and the excellent employees are gathered there, so I expect that his skills and experience will be used and there will be many opportunities that he can grow in the company.