Full-stack Engineer at Start-up Business in a Growing Listed Company

F.T / 30s / Male

Japan & France (Dual Nationality)
Annual Salary After Job Change:
10,000,000 yen
Listed QA Company / Full-stack Engineer

Work History Before Job Change

I have experience in back-end development and ERP module development at foreign companies in France and Japan. My previous job was in the microservices team where I worked on many small projects and used a variety of languages ​​(Ruby, python, Javascript, Scala, etc.) to handle a wide range of programming languages.

Job Change Reason

My company I belonged to was acquired last year. It made me difficult to enhance my skills due to only support work, so I wanted to change jobs to a company that can develop more actively.

Reason for Joining the Company

I got a offer as a member of the new business development department for system development. There are many foreign national engineers with high skills in the department, and I am attracted to that I can build a business by myself while competing with other efficient engineers in a global environment, so I decided to join the company.

Comments from G Talent Consultant

I was impressed that he was very active learner to get new skills and improve constantly his skills. At the time of the interview with me, he has actively learned new development languages ​​such as Haskell, Golang, and Scala. The reason why I introduced this position was because he can play an active part in an environment with many challenges such as launching a new business with his experience in system construction in a wide range of environments. I look forward to becoming a big part of the company's further growth.