Challenge to Full Stack Engineer

W.A / 20s / Male

Annual Salary After Job Change:
3,240,000 yen
IT Start-up Company / Full Stack Engineer

Work History Before Job Change

I have experienced in web development mainly in the front end field for 6 years in Indonesia and Japan. I was a sub-leader of a team and a project leader in previous job. In addition, I was responsible for not only development but also handling Japanese customers.

Job Change Reason

The IT department where I was working was closed at the end of last year due to a business reduction. I was good at front-end development, but I wanted to became a full stack engineer at this time, so I started job change activity with a career plan to step up to CTO or manager in the future.

Reason for Joining the Company

I have ever had a strong interest in new technologies such as AI, Iot, AR and VR. The reason why I decided to join the company was because I felt that it looks an attractive environment where I can touch the latest technology and I can build my career as a full stack engineer I wanted.

Comments from G Talent Consultant

He has been engaged in self-study with a high level of ambition for new technologies, such as actively participating in seminars and study sessions related to engineers on holidays. He was able to get an environment where he can work on cutting-edge technologies such as Deep Learning, voice recognition, IoT communication technology. I hope that he will work hard with the employees as a full stack engineer to enhance his IT skills.