Web Application Engineer

Contract type
IoT /AI / AR / VR / MR
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
4 Million yen〜15 Million yen
Japanese Level
日常会話レベル/Daily Conversational Level
English Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

Web Application Engineer ・ Application front-end development (collaboration with UI / UX team) ・ Development of BtoB product back end using machine learning (collaboration with machine learning engineers) ・ Product architecture design ・ Web infrastructure development (API server, identity, payment, access control, etc.) ・ [Care Tech] Back-end development for mobile applications such as AI solutions for reducing social security costs to national, local government and public institutions. ・ [Med Tech] Backend development for mobile applications such as “Health/Disease Risk Assessment Service by Human Motion / Posture Analysis” and “Mental Health Support Service” ・[Fin Tech] Development of new Web application products (SaaS) such as “consumer activity support for the elderly”, “survival and growth support for SMEs”, “improvement of convenience of financial services” ・ [HR Tech] Development and improvement of new functions of HR Tech product “HR-kun” (Agile), development of new web application products (SaaS) in the HR domain * Business units are basically determined by the intention of the person, and can be transferred between domains. 【Working conditions & treatment】 <Estimated annual salary> 4 million yen to 15 million yen <Working hours> Discretionary labor system (You can come office and go home anytime) <Holiday> ・Full holiday 2-day system (Saturday / Sunday) holidays ・Annual holiday over 120 days ・Refreshment holidays (5 days a weekday) ・New Year holidays ・Annual paid leave ・Return vacation (2 days a year: when family lives in a remote area over 1000 km) ・Condition leave (during trial period: 3 days) ・Marriage leave (person, child) ・Maternity leave ・Nursing care leave <Welfare> ・Doctoral Program Support System ・Various Social Insurance (Employee Pension, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, Labor Accident Insurance) ・Commuting allowance (up to 35,000 yen / month) ・Business trip allowance ・Medical checkup ・Online medical consultation (first call) ・Book purchase (full company burden) ・Study session (once / weekly, during business hours)

Required skills

Web Application Engineer ・ Knowledge / experience of any language / tool used in product development such as Node.js, Python, React, TypeScript ・ Web application development experience ・ Basic knowledge of networks and databases ・ Knowledge of algorithms and data structures ・ Experience in development environment such as git / hg, yarn / npm <Welcome experience for all position> ・Good communication skill (English, Japanese) ・Experience working at startups ・Strong work initiative