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BI system engineer (welcome new graduates and inexperienced people)

Contract type
SaaS / Software Vendor
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
3 Million yen〜5 Million yen
Japanese Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

● To accumulate, process, and analyze huge amounts of data, such as client business systems, and use them for management decision-making, from the introduction of systems called BI (Business Intelligence) to execution support. ● You will be involved in the project from planning, design and implementation of BI tools according to the client's request. ● You will mainly lbe responsible from requirements definition to testing. In addition to development, it is an environment where you can develop skills and careers based on broad experience such as DB, infrastructure, project management, communication ability with end users. ● You will be in a position to directly interact with end users and are involved in upstream processes such as requirements definition. ● One month after joining the company, training will be provided (learning SQL, learning BI tools and analyzing tools, etc.).

Required skills

【Prerequisite】 ● A person who has some working experience [Welcome requirements] ● Those who have some IT experience ● Those who have knowledge of an information subject [Person sought and others] ● Those who can communicate with customers but who like to contribute to clients ● High motivation and strong curiosity ● A person who has interest, interest, and willingness to study data analysis and IT ● Those who value teamwork and can collaborate ■ Those who have the following experiences are active. ● A person who worked on some kind of data extraction, analysis, etc. in sales, sales planning, sales office work, etc. ● A person who has been involved in production management, logistics, accounting, finance, statistical analysis, etc. ● A person who was involved in marketing research ● A person who was involved in sales management and sales analysis of the store in charge as a store manager or SV