SRE / DevOps Engineer

Contract type
IoT /AI / AR / VR / MR
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
6 Million yen〜12 Million yen
Japanese Level
日常会話レベル/Daily Conversational Level
English Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

【Overview】 As a DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible for developing solutions, implementing requirements, assisting in creating key processes and procedures, that facilitate product planning, execution and delivery. We aim to solve society's issues with AI, so our mission is to solve the Engineering Department's issues with DevOps! 【What We're Looking For】 You are comfortable at explaining complex recommendations to engineering and infrastructure teams, while discussing technical trade-offs in product development with other work colleagues. You are highly resourceful, analytical, and have a combination of focus, flexibility, self-motivation, integrity, and willingness to put the team’s interest above everything else. You are very much interested in A.I, Deep Learning, and/or MLOps

Required skills

★Required Skills★ Familiarity with at least one cloud platform (i.e. GCP, AWS, Azure, etc...) Experience in designing and implementing scalable cloud-based solution architectures Experience in working closely together with development, product and business teams Knowledge of web application security and best practices Scripting skills in at least python, perl, bash, shell or another language Knowledge of virtualization and/or container technology Knowledge of source control, CI/CD, infrastructure automation, orchestration, deployment automation and configuration management Knowledge of infrastructure-as-code concepts and tools ( e.g Chef, Packer, Terraform, etc.) Experience of working with monitoring and metrics systems (e.g Collectd, Grafana, Nagios, etc.) ★Preferred Skills★ Experience with working at a startup Knowledge of algorithms and data structures Software programming experience in a programming language (e.g Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, GO, Perl, etc…) Advanced knowledge of Linux, Windows and Mac environments Experience in working with large software systems developed on Unix/Linux Good communication and presentation skills (English or Japanese)