Server-side Programmer

Contract type
Other IT/Web/Internet/Telecommunications
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
3 Million yen〜6 Million yen
Japanese Level
日常会話レベル/Daily Conversational Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

[Business description] ・ Design and development of Web applications for pipeline systems ・ Design and development of pipeline WebAPI ・ Design and development of database system ・ Design and development of data sharing system ・ Design and construction of a deployment environment for tools and systems ・ Research, verification, and introduction of new technologies and cloud technologies

Required skills

[Required requirements] ・ More than 3 years of practical programming experience ・ Basic knowledge of infrastructure ・ Development experience in a Linux environment [Welcome requirements] ・ Practical experience in web application development ・ WebAPI system development experience ・ Program development experience (eg, Python, Go, etc.) ・ Database system development experience ・ WebUI development experience such as AJAX ・ Experience designing and operating server infrastructure 【Comments on language skills】 English proficiency is a plus