Internal Information Systems Department Manager (In-house SE)

Contract type
SIer / Software Entrusted Development
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
4 Million yen〜4 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

The company offers software testing services in a wide range of fields, from web and business systems to medical devices, smartphones, digital multi-function peripherals, TVs, and other digital products. ■ Information system department duties: ・ In-house server, network management, equipment selection, maintenance and operation of in-house system ・ Introduction and operation of cloud environment such as AWS ・ Information security employee training and operations related to ISMS ・ Purchase and manage information devices such as PCs loaned in-house ・ The company will support all employees so that they can work smoothly, such as responding to in-house inquiries. <Company appeal> ■ Since its establishment in 2004, aiming to create value through quality evaluation, they mainly provide high-quality products to end-users through software testing and content testing of companies such as home appliance makers and office machine makers, and they aim to maximize added value through the company's products themselves and test services in the process of reaching the products. Currently, they are also focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as the IoT and medical fields! Reliable technical ability to realize direct transactions with many major manufacturers and IT companies by taking advantage of high service level ■ Transactions with companies in a wide range of fields such as WEB area, business system area, embedded area ■ There is a test center, and it is possible to take out items. Seminar instructors also belong, and we have a complete learning environment. [Company style] ■ The company has a well-ventilated and free culture. In addition, we have established a fulfilling training environment for improving various skills and building a sufficient organization, and have an educational system tailored to each level of testing skills, technical skills, human skills, language skills (English) etc. Supports skill improvement

Required skills

【Requirements】 ・ More than 3 years of experience managing personnel, projects and budgets in the Information Systems Department [Welcome condition] ・ Experience operating and designing servers and networks ・ Experience selecting / procuring / introducing applications and services ・ Experience of independently introducing ERP ・ ISO 27001 or privacy mark certification acquisition / update experience * 3 to 5 years