UI, UX Designer

Contract type
IT Consulting
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
3 Million yen〜6 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

They are looking for designers/production directors who create businesses and services from scratch in the startup scene. You can engage in service development for clients in a wide variety of industries, rather than the company's own services. You will work with the company's development team to create the design, expanding your knowledge of new business and development fields. You will also cooperate with Vietnamese designers in designing, so they welcome those who are aiming for new challenges. [Business description] ・ Definition of design requirements with clients and partners ・ Creation of wireframe ・ Prototype creation ・ Management of production schedule ・ Design production <PR points> ◆ 250 companies, more than 300 product development achievements In software development, they specialize in start-ups and start-ups of new businesses, and with lean start-up and agile development approaches, Ruby on Rails and other development environments that facilitate high-speed prototyping, and a specially constructed CI / CD environment are combined to achieve quality and speed. The company has achieved development that achieves both. Over 7 years, we have produced more than 300 products with 250 client partners. Through a public listing (IPO), we have survived the start-up phase, where the change is intense and speed is required, together with the team of Frangia. In addition, the development track record of lean start-up and agile development approaches so far has been evaluated, and not only venture companies but also large companies.Increasingly, they are expected to play a role as a main partner in new businesses that require speed, novelty, and creativity. ◆ Equal Opportunity for Everyone-Educational Program in Asia- Create an educational curriculum that incorporates knowledge and know-how based on the experience of launching and developing numerous startups, and operate IT schools They are also engaged in global IT human resource development in partnership with top local universities and educational institutions. Hanoi University of Technology, the highest peak in science in Vietnam, the company is running a selection course of IT human resources development capable of Japanese language together with Vietnam National University and Da Nang University of Technology. HEDSPI (Higher Education Development Support Project on ICT) of Hanoi University of Technology aims to develop advanced IT human resources who can speak Japanese The project was started in 2006 as the Japanese government's ODA and has been succeeded by Sun * since 2014. Hanoi University of Technology has 3,500 new students every year However, HEDSPI is a course that selected 200 more from 600 who passed the most popular IT department. Many students want to find a job in Japan Every year, they hold an event (job fair) that matches students with Japanese companies. ◆ Thoroughly committed to service success ~ Start Up Studio ~ Since the goal is not only the development itself but the success of the service, at the time of capital investment and start-up so that we can commit to further growth of the service. They are also actively accelerating. We are developing many in-house products, but when we decide that we can operate as a business independently. Has been made independent as a startup and a separate corporation has been set up and operated. By doing so Performance improvement as a form, independent corporations can concentrate on their business operations. <Example of investee companies> ・ Styler Co., Ltd. ・ Hishab Ltd. ・ Sake cheering company ・ JP Mobile Co., Ltd. ・ TENT Co., Ltd. ・ Tri-Etting Co., Ltd. ・ ZENKIGEN Co., Ltd. ・ FUN UP INC. ・ Vicare

Required skills

【Requirements】 ・ Experience using design tools such as Photoshop / Illustrator / Sketch ・ Over 3 years of work experience as a designer or director (Please submit the portfolio when applying) [Welcome condition] ・ Experienced designer/director experience ・ Knowledge about development and programming ・ Persona creation ・ Customer journey map creation experience ・ Data analysis using analysis tools, experience of improvement proposal ・ Project progress management experience using task management tools