Application Engineer/TypeScript(React)

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
4 Million yen〜8 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

Tablet POS system In-house package. Let's develop Native applications! Job Description ・Developing the latest version of a project or product using our own product ORANGE POS. ・They are looking for a playing type that can move our own hands. We would like you to use our technical capabilities to lead the development in the company. ・About the way of working, the company has flex system, and the average monthly overtime is about 21 hours. The company provides some expenses for club activities and social gatherings and deepens exchanges after work. 【In particular】 ・Supports extended customization and product version upgrades based on lead engineers and architects. ・Mainly coding, basic design, function definition, testing, release, operation maintenance. ・In addition, the project is related to EC and will be an in-house development project of a prime project. 【Development environment】 ・Language: TypeScript ・Framework: React, React Navite ・Database Node.js, MySQL ┣ Example of POS by tablet ┫ ■ Tablet app ・Development target OS: Windows (UWP), iOS ・Language: TypeScript(React Native) ■ Management screen, backend ・Development target: Linux ・Server: Nginx ・Language: PHP(Laravel), JavaScript(Node.js) ■ Common matters ・Development platform: Mainly AWS or Azure ・Source control: Git ・Ticket system: JIRA, Backlog ・Communication: Slack, Gmail ・Spreadsheets, slides (Excel, GoogleApps, etc.) [They will further strengthen our products] Their own product , which has grown by the introduction results of more than 1000 companies. In the past, there were many simple requests to build an EC site and to use a POS cash register as a tablet, but the recent projects that fully support the digitization include challenging requests and proposals that have never existed in the past. There is more and more to do. The mission of this position is to understand the business and characteristics of the client and realize high demands. You will also be engaged in product development while engaging in digitalization projects of famous companies. The company is looking for wide-ranging involvement lead to improving the skills of engineers and improving the technology of the entire company.

Required skills

■ Requirements ・Native application development experience ・Development experience with React or React Native ■ Welcome ・Understanding retail business. ・POS knowledge ・Development experience of node.js, React.js ・Experience creating unit and integration test specifications ・Experience creating basic design and detailed design documents ・Development and inspection experience from partner companies ・Experience of team development such as pull request, branch development using github, gitlab, bitbucket, gitbucket etc. ・Service release experience ■ Desired personality ・Flexible response and problem-solving ability ・Flexible responsiveness and communication skills to achieve goals as a team ・Interest in technology trends ・Those with multitasking ability, self-running ability, and sense of speed ■ Department to be assigned ・Store Digital Development Department (3 people)