Infra Engineer (Public Cloud)

Contract type
Telecom Carrier / Data Center
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
3 Million yen〜6 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

Among the company's cloud services, it is relatively low cost and can be used "as much as you want and when you want to use", and sharing with other users is a characteristic of service operation in the [Public cloud], and planning improvement of the operation In addition, depending on the person's interests and aspirations, it is an environment where there are many opportunities to challenge by raising your hand. ≪Specifically...≫ Operation of cloud platform and server/storage (secondary contract support) (Maintenance, monitoring, inquiry correspondence) Planning and development associated with operational improvement (efficiency, automation) Recovery support in case of failure, problem analysis, implementation of measures against failure (There are almost no local calls, and it can be completed remotely.) Resource/performance management (capacity, performance) System construction (cloud platform, server, storage) Various version upgrades and security support Equipment selection (change of equipment considering efficiency) Inquiries and negotiations with vendors ※overtime Approximately 10 hours while maintaining a work-life balance It is possible to work. ▼Technical environment Virtualization (Xen, KVM) CentOS, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat Php, symfony, laravel, mysql, node.js, python, ruby *Other technologies may not be disclosed but will be shown to you at the interview as much as possible.

Required skills

<Requirements> ・Operating experience with Linux servers ・Troubleshooting experience <Welcome> ・Virtualization platform design/construction/operation experience ・Storage (iSCSI, NFS) design, construction and operation experience ・System design and construction experience in multi-vendor environment ・Basic knowledge of database ・Shell script, programming experience ★Attractiveness★ You can acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills because you can engage in a wide range of layers from applications, OS, hardware to storage. It is an environment where you can actively send out opinions regardless of company history or age. Since you will work in-house and operate the company's service, you can be involved in planning to improve the service and improving the operation, and I feel that it is worthwhile to reflect my opinion.