SRE Engineer / Remote work & Flex-time

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
5 Million yen〜12 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

Recruitment Background They are looking for people who want to take on the challenge of setting up an SRE organization together with existing employees. Background of the SRE organization Since our founding in 2015, bellFace has been developing products that enable online business negotiations, and as of October 2020, they have a total of 2500 companies using their products. The needs for our services have been increasing rapidly due to the recent social background, but it is also a fact that our development system until now has been unable to handle the increase in service needs. Strengthening and redundancy of servers in the AWS environment, associated logic changes and refactoring, various serverless solutions, development environment maintenance for cross-group use, and construction of the ECS environment are all indispensable projects and highly urgent. That's why they decided to establish a dedicated SRE team that can deal with both applications and infrastructure from a cross-product perspective. They are hiring engineers with the desire to work with people who are willing to change sales in Japan and support our infrastructure products. Job Description Build and operate the common infrastructure necessary for the stable operation of the product. They are currently looking for an engineer who is passionate about supporting our clients and their businesses. They are looking for someone who can help us in this area. Building and operating a development environment using Docker. Construction and operation of the service infrastructure using ECS. Visualization of operation status and capacity, and improvement of bottlenecks Development of documentation for construction and operation Reduction of operation costs and elimination of toils Primary response to failures in the service and handover to secondary responders Organizational structure As of October 1, 2020, the team consists of six members, including one manager and two leaders. We have two units, one for the application side and one for the infrastructure side. If you include other development teams, there are about 50 engineers involved in the product in total. In the July-September 2020 period, we have already started to see results, such as achieving a 100% utilization rate for the service, but as mentioned above, we are still in the phase of building an SRE organization. Development Flow The SRE team and engineers belonging to other teams will each submit a GitHub and Backlog report and assign responsibilities with a desired schedule. After that, the engineers will make another estimate, set an appropriate time frame, and proceed with the development. Development Policy Development is done on a pull request basis using GitHub, and basically all code is reviewed. They will continue to be proactive in their efforts to improve quality. Development Environment Server side: PHP 7, CakePHP Front-end: jQuery DB: MySQL Infrastructure: AWS (EC2, RDS(Aurora), S3, ALB, Cloudfront, ECS, Terraform) Source code management: GitHub Project management: GitHub issue, Backlog Information sharing tools: Slack, DocBase Other tools: Datadog, Docker, Sentry, Redash, New Relic

Required skills

Required Programming experience with PHP Experience in development and operation using Linux or FreeBSD Experience in building a development environment using Docker Experience in development and operation using AWS Experience as a leader in a project Welcome Deep knowledge of MySQL/InnoDB Knowledge of Terraform and New Relic Capacity planning Knowledge and experience with CakePHP They are looking for The person who shares our mission "to bring new business opportunities to companies by liberating intuition and perseverance in sales with technology". If you share our values.