Data Engineer[No experience in data analysis is required]

Contract type
Web Marketing / Advertising
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
4 Million yen〜11 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

An enormous amount of data is accumulated every day from services that have one of the largest market shares in Japan. Recruit's data engineers handle this data and contribute to the creation of new value in a wide range of areas. An organization responsible for data utilization, data governance management, and data product development and operation. The company currently has about 300 employees with various expertise in data science, engineering, and business. The style of the Data Office Engineers and data scientists will work across all business areas, aiming for a style that allows for business expansion and personal growth at the same time. The future of the Data Management Office Develop a system that allows 45,000 employees to use data securely and freely. Rather than having only a few engineers and data scientists utilize data, having the entire workforce utilize the data will cause "big unpredictable changes". Create an environment where data can be used to create an unimaginable future for ourselves, making data safe and free, and steadily gaining ground for the next generation of excellence. The core competence that generates profits is "engineering". Establish a style of growth that uses the "power of technology" to enhance business competitiveness. Business Overview Recruit provides a matching platform that connects individuals and companies, as well as business support services for companies. Our mission is to improve the matching accuracy of the platform and add new value to the services by crossing the power of Recruit's data with data analysis and AI technologies. Recruit's data engineers handle the vast amount of data accumulated daily from Japan's top-ranked services and contribute to the creation of new value in a wide range of areas. Specifically, you will analyze data from the group's various services and operate a data analysis platform to implement various measures using this data. We are looking for a team leader or member to plan, build, and operate the platform. You will be responsible for not only operating the infrastructure of the analytical platform built on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Service, etc., but also designing and developing data ETL and data pipelines, developing BI tools such as Tableau, and verifying, building, and migrating new infrastructure and cloud functions. [Specific Job Description] Development and operation of ETL processing for data utilization Design, development and operation of large-scale data pipelines and data storage infrastructures utilizing GCP and AWS Development and operation of an analytical environment for decision making using BI tools such as Tableau Design and development of infrastructure task automation using Terraform/Ansible, etc. Design of technical methods for obtaining user behavior data Next-generation architecture review and planning Team management and talent development for data engineers Features The latest GCP/AWS technologies can be handled to the fullest You can also be a team leader and hands-on while doing a reading External speeches can also be part of the work (employee's external presentation material: Development Environment Programming Language SQL, Python, JavaScript, etc. Infrastructure GCP(GCS, BigQuery, Cloud Pub/Sub, GKE, etc.) AWS (S3, DynamoDB, SNS, etc.) Team Development Tools JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Slack, etc.

Required skills

Essential Requirements At least two of the following 1-8 items  1. Server-side application development using programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, etc.  Design, development, and operation of entire web systems  Design, development, and operation of ETL processing  Development and operation using version control tools such as git  Development and operation of SQL for DWH products  DB design, construction, operation, SQL bottleneck analysis and tuning  Design, construction, and operation of public clouds  Development and operation of operation automation tools and development frameworks Welcome requirements Experience in building and operating data warehouses Experience in data management such as metadata management and ETL development Experience with DWH products, BigQuery and other big data processing products Experience in developing programs for web systems, etc. Experience in developing programs using advanced algorithms Experience in system planning, sales, and pre-sales Engineers currently working in the same department (excerpt) Mr. T 38 years old, 10 years of experience as an infrastructure engineer and pre-sales representative for a securities SIer. Has been with the company for 4 years. Mr. S 38 years old, worked as a server-side engineer at a web company for 6 years before moving to Recruit Co. 7 years of experience at this company. Mr. T 31 years old, worked on analysis infrastructure at a SIer and a business company, then moved to Recruit. Has been with the company for 1 year.