Data governor (leader)

Contract type
Web Marketing / Advertising
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
6 Million yen〜11 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

The company provides matching platforms that connect individuals and companies and business support services for companies. Among them, it is an important mission to improve the matching accuracy of the platform by combining the data power with data analysis and AI technology and to add new value to the service. The company's data governor handles the vast amount of company data accumulated daily from services that have the top share in Japan and contributes to the creation of new value in a wide range of fields. Specifically, we will operate as a data governor a data infrastructure that analyzes data from various recruiting services and implements various measures that utilize those data. [Range and role you want to entrust] In order to provide the data itself for data utilization within Recruit in a safe and secure form Understand the data usage status within the company, create data utilization guidelines / formulate rules, promote governance, etc. <Example of specific work> ・ Creation of data utilization guidelines/manuals, etc. through discussions with field personnel on the business side and legal / compliance personnel ・ Respond to inquiries regarding guidelines ・ Continuous usage monitoring and correction of deviations from guidelines [Challenging and attractive] ・ You can be involved in the data utilization of Recruit, which has one of the largest amounts and types of data in Japan. ・ You can witness new growth/transformation through Recruit's “data utilization” as a subject. ・ "Data management governance" practiced in the recruitment of major platformers can have a great impact on the outside world. ・ You can acquire expertise as a leader in "data governance" which is indispensable for data utilization. ・ Since it is a young organization (part of a conglomerate), you can get involved from the start-up phase.

Required skills

[Required experience/skills] ・ Experience in introducing systems for data risk management and life cycle management ・ Experience in judging whether data can be collected, used, and provided from the perspective of law, privacy, and security ・ Those who have experience in promoting data utilization projects and collaborating with related organizations [Welcome experience/skills] ・ Experience in data management and governance organizations ・ Work experience in the same industry or business consulting for the same industry ・ Knowledge familiar with DBMS and DWH [Expected person image] ・ Those who have smooth communication skills ・ Those who have multiple perspectives such as compliance / legal perspective and business promotion, and who can promote projects from the standpoint of using data ・ Those who can voluntarily communicate with various internal stakeholders ・ Those who have the attitude to continue learning the latest cases in the data industry in Japan and overseas ・ Those who are willing to face any wall through trial and error without breaking