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EC & Digital Content Headquarters Server-side engineer (Tech Lead)

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
6 Million yen〜10 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

◆ Recruitment background The company is currently working on converting Flash to HTML5 for live distribution platforms and renewing and updating the development platform for the entire business. As they continue to operate large-scale businesses for more than 10 years, the development infrastructure that supports them is becoming more complex and faces many challenges. [Issues] ・ Lack of know-how to build a modern development environment ・ Lack of know-how for multiple teams to proceed with development in parallel ・ Lack of abundant design and operation experience related to public cloud [What you want to aim for] ・ Those who want to accelerate the business with faster development ・ Those who want to build a highly productive development environment where engineers can develop without stress. ・ Those who want to provide a more reliable and stable infrastructure They are looking for engineers who can realize these with us! "Business content" ◆ About live chat service They are developing the largest live chat service in Japan, and in recent years we are also developing a live distribution system using VR. Although it is the largest live chat service in Japan, it is a division that is actively incorporating new technologies and services. ■ Specific business image ・ Design and construction of cloud infrastructure ・ CI / CD design and construction ・ Monitoring of WebRTC distribution platform, performance tuning ・ Improvement of application architecture "Attractiveness of position" ・ After joining the company and getting used to the assigned team, renewing the development base throughout the business and It is assumed that you will be involved in the architect of the product ・ In development, there is discretion at the site, and it is possible to promote your favorite technology and design. ・ It is an environment where you can accelerate and improve businesses with a large sales impact with technology, and greatly contribute to your own experience and growth. [Development system] ◆ About LC Division Number of bases: 2 bases (Ishikawa, Tokyo) Number of teams: 5 teams Number of development members: 40 or more ◆ Team to be assigned 1 product owner 1 Scrum Master 8 development members 【Development environment】 ・ Language: PHP, TypeScript, Javacript, Golang (partial) -Framework: Laravel, CakePHP, React + Redux ・ CI tools: CircleCI, CodeBuild ・ Metrics / monitoring: Datadog, Zabbix -Configuration management tool: CloudFormation ・ DB: MySQL, Redis, memcached ・ Cloud environment: AWS (ECS Fargate / S3 / CloudFront / Lambda etc.) ・ On-premise environment: Yes Common ・ Project management tool: Jira / Whiteboard -Version control tool: GitHub Enterprise / BitBucket ・ Information sharing tools: Atlassian (Confluence, Jira), Slack ・ Other tools: Redash [Support system for engineers] Please ask employees for details at the interview. ・ Support Tech12 system * For designer and engineer employees. Target department specified ・ AWS / GCP live ammunition training ground system * For designer and engineer employees. Target department specified ・ Lending of technical books ・ Employee exchange meeting ・ In-house extension mobile phone loan * Respond to applications for business needs ・ Cost of attending study sessions and conferences * When necessary for business purposes. There is an application flow ・ Payment of welfare expenses ・ Burden of qualification examination costs * If you pass. Eligibility restrictions apply ・ Basically, all employees use Aeron chairs, but if you wish, we can lend you a balance ball.

Required skills

<Required skills> ・ Experience of tech lead on the server-side ・ SRE experience 【welcome】 ・ Experience in infrastructure design, construction, and operation on public clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.) ・ Experience in building CI / CD pipelines using GitHub, CircleCI, etc. ・ Basic security knowledge in product development ・ Experience in designing and operating monitoring infrastructure such as Datadog, NewRelic, Zabbix, etc. ・ Experience in building and operating Web services ・ Basic knowledge about network protocols such as TCP / IP and HTTP ・ Development experience of video distribution service ・ Experience of system migration from on-premises to cloud ・ Architecture design in product development ・ Scrum development experience ・ Experience in system construction and operation using Ansible, CloudFormation, etc. ・ Experience in building CI / CD pipelines using GitHub Actions, CircleCI, etc. ・ Experience in developing programs related to system operation such as automation ・ Knowledge and operational experience regarding containers and container orchestration ・ Experience in tuning OS / middleware such as Linux, nginx, MySQL, etc. ・ Experience of operating Kubernetes cluster [Personal image you want] ・ Those who can sort out and solve development issues faced by multiple teams from the standpoint of Tech Lead ・ Those who understand business / product issues and can promote solutions by making full use of technology ・ Those who want to grow the product by quantitatively measuring and improving ・ Those who are motivated to solve the situation with many problems and improve it step by step. ・ Those who can actively communicate with inside and outside the company to achieve their goals