Online Event Division / Engineer

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
7 Million yen〜12 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
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Job Description

<Background of the recruitment The company has made it their top mission to gain the position of being the first name that people think of when they think of online events, and they are working hard every day to hold 100 events a year. In order to improve their service with a sense of speed so that we can be the overwhelming winner in the new market, we are recruiting to build a development team that fully utilizes modern technology! Business Description The company is currently working on [SHOWBOOTH] as a new focus business. COVID-19 has caused many events to be cancelled or postponed. However, there are still places where people can meet and new opportunities can be created. Event presentations, stages, live performances, handshakes, workshops, group training, large-scale seminars, large-scale business meetings, etc. are all rapidly moving online. They see this turning point in our society as an opportunity. Now that the old way of refraining from face-to-face meetings is no longer viable We want to spread the new lifestyle of online events to the world. Although the online event market is still in its infancy, the scale of the event market, including offline events, is very large, amounting to 1 trillion yen. If they can convert that into an online market, I believe it will become a very large market. They are aiming to develop our business with a sense of speed so that we can become a winner in this market with enormous potential. They would like to create a product that people want to exhibit at exhibitions even if they have to pay an exhibition fee. What we do You will be in charge of development work for the launch and growth of [SHOWBOOTH]. The market for this business is still in its infancy, so the emphasis will be on improving the product with a sense of speed. As this business is still in its early stages, we will focus on improving the product with speed. Design and construction of cloud infrastructure Selection of SaaS, middleware, etc. Design and construction of CI/CD Monitoring design Development (including prototype development) Selection of technologies related to the above Technologies to be used Backend Language used: Go Framework:Gin (Reference Archtecture) API interface definition: OpenAPI v3 Front End Language: TypeScript ・Framework: Next.js (Reference Archtecture React, React Hook, TypeScript), Nx (Monorepo) UI framework: Ant Design Development environment/team structure Cloud: AWS (Authentication: Cognito, Container Management: ECS, API Process Flow Management: StepFuntions, Lambda, Mail: SES, User Behavior Measurement: Pinpoint, DB: DynamoDB) IaC: Terraform CI/CD: CIrcleCI Git repository: GitHub Enterprise Issue management: ZenHub Back-end engineers: 10 Front-end engineers: 15 Designers: 5 What is the appeal of this position? Architecture design, middleware selection, etc. are left to us, so we can build freely. When building a new product, we actively adopt new technologies. We are also considering building a log/metrics collection and analysis platform, so you can be involved from the design stage. We are considering building a log/metrics collection and analysis infrastructure, so you can be involved from the design stage. You will be encouraged to participate in study sessions and trainings to improve your skills in the technologies you are currently using and those you are considering to introduce in the future. You will be encouraged to participate in study sessions and trainings to improve your skills in the technologies you are currently using or considering to use in the future, at the company's expense.

Required skills

<Required skills> ・ Experienced tech lead (or lead engineer) ・ Experience in developing web applications using Go, Java, Scala, PHP, etc. ・ Experience in service development using cloud services such as AWS and GCP ・ Team development experience using GitHub [Welcome] * We are flexibly preparing positions according to your skillset. ・ Those who have experience in starting up a company or business at a startup, etc. ・ Development experience with microservices architecture ・ Position experience such as CTO, CISO, COO at startup ・ Experience of scaling the business from 0 ・ Development using Go language ・ Scrum development experience [Personal image you want] ◆ Problem-solving By making full use of technology, we can understand the issues of users and businesses and promote them toward solutions. ・ Propose measures by yourself and promote them rationally ・ Quantitatively / scientifically analyze and understand business issues ・ People who can take measures such as prototype development to test hypotheses with high agility ◆ Open communication You can communicate your efforts to others and cooperate smoothly. ・ You can make a call using the public place ・ Open consultation and resolution of know-how and worries ◆ Curiosity about technology and business You can learn and tackle new technology and business issues on a daily basis with curiosity. ・ Learning new technology, trial operation/challenge ・ Catch up on new business models, etc.