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Product Sales Division / Server-side engineer [LAMP environment]

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
5 Million yen〜7 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

"Recruitment background" Let's work together to create a logistics platform that delivers all kinds of "things" to users! The Product Sales Division has existed since the early days of the company's establishment and provides mail-order services that boast stable sales. The development group operates many products such as the company mail order service and the logistics management system on the backside. Since it is a business with a long history, there are some parts where the service level has not caught up with the emerging EC sites, and our business goal is to resolve these as soon as possible. "Business content" As a development member, you will be involved in the EC site related to the following services of the product sales business. ▼ Service in charge ・ Mail order service ・ Marketplace service (for general users (exhibited on DMM mail order site)) ・ SHOPS service (for retailers/wholesalers (exhibited on DMM mail order site)) ・ Auction service ・ Purchase service ・ Subscription service There are four main tasks. 1) Addition of new service functions ・ Develop to realize the measures to be implemented for business growth. ・ In order to improve the user's CX, collect and analyze data, propose and develop/improve functions in order to aim for an easy-to-use site. 2) Service maintenance / operation / improvement ・ Repair for service improvement requests coming from inside and outside the business division ・ Checking the status of the back end and solving technical problems to maintain the service 3) Improvement/replacement of an existing system ・ Improvement of areas that are tightly coupled with other divisions ・ Improvement of legacy system 4) Support for business improvement in business operations ・ Realize system automation to improve the efficiency of operation work ◆ Team structure Members: 6 people Front-end engineer: 2 people, server-side engineer: 4 people "What makes attractive this position?" The Product Sales Division has been operating a mail-order business for "things" in the group since the early days of the company's establishment. One of the strengths of the product sales division is that the group has its own warehouse and can respond closely. With the changing times, we are developing services such as market press business, auction business, sales, and second-hand purchases as well as mail orders, and if "things" move, there are no restrictions on the scope of business and we continue to improve services. I will. The product sales division is also characterized by the fact that the number of people is not large, it is well-ventilated, the opinions of the members are adopted, and the development is quick. 【Development environment】 ・ Supply terminal: Macbook Pro or Windows terminal -Project management tools: JIRA, Confluence -Version control: Git / CVS ・ Chat tool: Slack · Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery -Server-side: PHP, fuel PHP -Framework: ZendFramework1.2 / CakePHP ・ CI tool: Jenkins / CircleCI ・ DB: MySQL5.6 / MariaDB ・ Others: WordPress 【Work environment】 (Support system for engineers) For details, please ask our employees at the interview. ・ PC terminal selection system (windows/mac) * Some designated departments are available ・ Support Tech12 system * For designer and engineer employees. Target department specified ・ AWS / GCP live ammunition training ground system * For designer and engineer employees. Target department specified ・ Lending of technical books ・ Employee exchange meeting ・ In-house extension mobile phone loan * Respond to applications for business needs ・ Cost of attending study sessions and conferences * When necessary for business purposes. There is an application flow ・ Payment of welfare expenses ・ Burden of qualification examination costs * If you pass. Eligibility restrictions apply ・ Basically, all employees use Aeron chairs, but if you wish, we can lend you a balance ball.

Required skills

<Required skills> ・ Experienced tech lead (or lead engineer) ・ Experience in developing web applications using Go, Java, Scala, PHP, etc. ・ Experience in service development using cloud services such as AWS and GCP ・ Team development experience using GitHub [Welcome] * We are flexibly preparing positions according to your skillset. ・ Those who have experience in starting up a company or business at a startup, etc. ・ Development experience with microservices architecture ・ Position experience such as CTO, CISO, COO at startup ・ Experience of scaling the business from 0 ・ Development using Go language ・ Scrum development experience [Personal image you want] ◆ Problem-solving By making full use of technology, we can understand the issues of users and businesses and promote them toward solutions. ・ Propose measures by yourself and promote them rationally ・ Quantitatively / scientifically analyze and understand business issues ・ People who can take measures such as prototype development to test hypotheses with high agility ◆ Open communication You can communicate your efforts to others and cooperate smoothly. ・ You can make a call using the public place ・ Open consultation and resolution of know-how and worries ◆ Curiosity about technology and business You can learn and tackle new technology and business issues on a daily basis with curiosity. ・ Learning new technology, trial operation/challenge ・ Catch up on new business models, etc.