R&D_Android BSP Development Engineer

Contract type
SIer / Software Entrusted Development
Company Type
外資系企業/Foreign Company
5 Million yen〜6 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

Android BSP(Board Support Package) Development, Operation and Bug Fix Development, operation and Bug Fix of any of Android BSP LCD/LED/Touch/Sensors/USB/Charger/Barcorder Work at customer site to discuss technical issues with customers and support onsite R&D work R & D development and support work as assigned by the project manager

Required skills

Technical skills and work experience 1. 3+ years of experience in Android or Linux embedded product development 2. familiar with Linux development environment, familiar with C / C ++ / Java 3. native Chinese, business level Japanese is preferred Welcome 1. familiar with QualcommSDM platform is preferred 2. familiar with git / gdb / kgdb or related development / bug fixing tools 3. Strong learning spirit and able to proactively find solutions to problems 4. Bootloader, System related development experience is preferred 5. Understanding of Japanese business etiquette, rules, business document format, etc. Preferably with experience in a Japanese company