Orbit Design Analysis Engineer

Contract type
Engineering(Electricity / Electronics / Machinery / Robotics)
Company Type
外資系企業/Foreign Company
3 Million yen〜5 Million yen
Japanese Level
日常会話レベル/Daily Conversational Level
English Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

Mission & System Engineering: Conducts mission and system design of spacecraft, including definition of CONOPS (Concept of Operation) and definition of requirements. Perform modeling, simulation, analysis, and optimization of mission design, orbit maneuvers, and orbit determination. Assist in trade studies for system and architecture design. Support the development of mission analysis, planning and design, and implementation software (Flight dynamics software). Operational support: flight dynamics, maneuvers Planning, design, implementation, and evaluation. Work closely with the Mission and Systems Manager, Subsystem Managers and Project Managers.

Required skills

[Requirements] ・Completion of a doctoral course (PhD) in mission design, mission analysis, flight dynamics, or orbit-related fields ※If you are currently enrolled in a graduate school, you are expected to complete (graduate) the graduate course. Research on satellite or rocket orbital design at a graduate school Participate in an academic society related to the above