Machine Learning Engineering Manager

Contract type
IoT /AI / AR / VR / MR
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
6 Million yen〜15 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
日常会話レベル/Daily Conversational Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

The company has a large number of machine learning engineers (*). In order to maximize the power of the engineering team, this position is to promote the project while communicating not only with the engineers but also across the organization. In this process, the company will also provide support and communication to enable each engineer to demonstrate their abilities. Specifically, the main tasks are expected to be leading/managing/organizing a team of machine learning engineers. The team is an independent organization, and will be responsible for proposing and delivering projects in collaboration with the business side, accumulating, sharing, and reusing knowledge gained from projects, catching up on the latest technologies and research, independent R&D, recruiting, etc. They will create a team and system that can achieve higher performance on a stable basis, based on both the project axis of improving the environment and planning new organizational measures, and the communication and assignment axis of maximizing the performance of each person through one-on-one meetings. Not only machine learning engineers, but also members of infrastructure, software development, business development, etc. will work together to promote the project. *The term "machine learning engineer" is a convenient way to describe areas such as image processing, natural language processing, structured data (table data) processing, signal processing, and mathematical optimization.

Required skills

【Required】 ■Requirements for a manager Experience in any of the following; ・Experience as a development leader of a cross-organizational project team in a large company or mega-venture ・Experience as a development leader in a start-up company, or experience in agile development team management (5-10 people) ・Experience demonstrating leadership by boldly making decisions and showing the way forward for unprecedented challenges in a team or organization ・Language skills  Japanese: Business level or higher  English : Daily conversational level or higher ■Requirements for an expert in the machine learning domain Knowledge and experience of any of the following as basic knowledge of machine learning; ・Experience in developing training models for machine learning projects ・Experience implementing machine learning models in software products ・Academic background in machine learning and computer science, or equivalent knowledge gained through work experience 【Preferred】 ・Practical experience in activities aimed at developing team members (e.g. coaching) ・Practical experience in assigning and communicating (goal setting, evaluation, review, etc.) that leads to the growth of team members ・Practical experience in team building that motivates people to achieve results as a team through collaboration with other people