Site Reliability Engineer

Contract type
SaaS / Software Vendor
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
5 Million yen〜7 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

The company is currently developing a sales support tool for corporations and a corporate information database service. They are now looking for engineers to develop their own products. They do not have a fixed domain such as front-end or back-end, but they have a system that allows each person to develop across the board according to their interests and skills, so you can work on a wide range of development. In addition, there is no contract development, and they have an environment where they can completely concentrate on developing their own products. ■The problem they want to solve together In order to develop products with a sense of speed, they need to "maintain and improve the quality" of their products. Therefore, they are looking for people who can work with them to achieve "stable operation of the product" and "improvement of the reliability of the service". ▼Job Details <Recent Expected Duties>   ・Response to inquiries   ・Bug and fault handling   ・Maintenance and operation   ・Refactoring <Medium- to long-term Expected Duties>   ・Onboarding of interns   ・Coordination with the business   ・Support the development and coordination of various team systems to ensure stable operation and quality of the product   ・Improvement of CI/CD environment and overall Developer eXperience As there are no separate areas for engineers, you can be responsible for a wide range of tasks from application development to infrastructure operation. If you wish, you can lead a team while communicating directly with the head of each department and PdM, and take ownership to improve the service. ▼Development Environment Typescript、React、Redux、Javascript(ES6)、HTML、CSS、Golang、Ruby on Rails、 Python、Neo4j、DynamoDB、 ElasticSearch、Aurora、 MySQL、AWS、Docker、Kubernetes、GitHub、CirclCI ■Development Flow They are still lacking in structuring, but their ideal is to bring in the idea of Disciplined Agile and tailor it in their own way. In this context, they are trying Scrum as core agile. ■How to proceed with product development In product development, the roles are divided into planners, UX designers, UI designers, and engineers. The planner plans the product based on the business strategy, and the engineer implements the UX and UI. In some cases, engineers are also involved in the review process from the planning stage and offer their opinions on the possibility of implementation. ■How to Decide on Tasks / How to Proceed They use Asana, a project management tool, to manage detailed tasks, and once they have decided to start working on a project, they hold meetings with the planners and other related parties to determine the detailed specifications. Basically, development is done individually by the person in charge, but they have active communication to share and review specifications and technical aspects. They also have morning meetings to share the day's work and issues, and bi-weekly review meetings to share information and build the team. ■Collaboration with the Planning Team and Sales Team Customer support from the sales team handles inquiries from users of the service. For engineers, tech support handles inquiries from customer support and bug/fault communication. If it is too much for Tech Support to handle, other engineers also cooperate to deal with it. The service itself has resource monitoring and scenario monitoring, and if a failure occurs, it is notified to Slack, so they basically take action from that notification. They also report failures to the Slack channel to share with other teams, including the sales team. ■Working Environment Fully remote work * May be required to come to the office depending on the project situation. Transportation expenses (including airfare and Shinkansen) will be provided. Full flexible work hours (no core hours) available from 6:00 to 22:00

Required skills

【Required】 ・2+ years of experience in web application or server development  ※Knowledge of a wide range of technologies and development languages is required. ・Knowledge of infrastructure such as AWS 【Preferred】 ・Improvement of team structure, and construction, operation, and improvement of system infrastructure ・Construction, operation, and improvement of monitoring infrastructure and systems ・Experience in operating monitoring tools ・Monitoring for quality improvement, and consideration and implementation of resolution policies ・Practical Experience with AWS and other infrastructure