Android Engineer

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
6 Million yen〜10 Million yen
Japanese Level
English Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

◆Recruitment background The company's web media continues to grow into a large-scale service with 40 million monthly users. However, they feel that it is still in its development stage, and they will aim to create products that can generate even greater value with a medium- to long-term perspective. They development style adopts Scrum, which is an agile development method, and they try to flexibly provide value in a short cycle. In addition to development, they also participate in planning from the early stages and frequently exchange opinions with team members to create good services regardless of job type. The team members are actively adopting new technologies, so you can challenge yourself with various technologies. ◆Job description ・Design, development, test, and delivery of the company's Android app ◆The appeal of this position ・You can experience developing modern Android apps using Kotlin, Swagger (OpenAPI), etc. ・You will have the experience to work together with planners and designers to develop services with engineers taking the initiative ・You can experience developing and operating large-scale services and systems. ・You will have experience in numerical analysis using Google Analytics, and etc.

Required skills

【Required】 ・3 years of experience in Android app development (The number of years of experience is negotiable depending on the technical ability of the person) ・Experience in team development using GitHub 【Preferred】 ・Experience in Android development using RxAndroid, RxJava, Kotlin, etc. ・Experience in agile development