Backend Engineer

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
8 Million yen〜12 Million yen
Japanese Level
English Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

The company is developing a SaaS product, a sales engagement tool, based on the concept of "Bringing good fortune to the world." This is a sales tech business that replaces inefficient sales activities in the housing and real estate industries with a method optimized for each client to create contact with customers. They are looking for a backend engineer to help us with the company's SalesTech SaaS product. As a member of the SCRUM team, you will be responsible for refactoring and revamping existing features and implementing new features. 【The Product Features】 1. Multi-channel communication Email, SMS, IP phone, and cell phone can all be integrated, allowing you to communicate through the channel your customers prefer. 2. Personalization Automatically records customers' web browsing, email opening, and click history in a timeline to help salespeople respond to customers individually. In addition, individual e-mails are automatically generated according to the content of the inquiry and personal attributes. 3. Sales Automation Multi-channel communication increases customer engagement by enabling personalized attention. This product supports busy salespeople by using automation to handle the increased man-hours required by individualized responses. Once a business meeting has started, the automatic follow-up function can be stopped and the salesperson can switch to individual support. ◆Job Details ・Development of new features for the product ( planned to be developed using Go) ・Server and infrastructure related work for the rebranding of the product that is coming up within this year In addition to the project within the year, they would like to entrust the core development in order to give shape to the idea of new functions to realize sales tech that is close to the client's demands. This is an environment where you can learn new technologies not only in the backend but also in the full stack. ◆Specifically... Implementation of APIs to be used in the product API design, Database design, Architecture design for the functions to be implemented Refactoring of existing code, etc. You will participate in scrum meetings and communicate with PMs and business teams to develop new features. They welcome a full-stack mindset, and they would like to leave the development area to you according to your wishes. Example -Front-end SPA: React -Infrastructure domain: AWS, Terraform, Jenkins, etc. At the moment, they have separate teams for each of these areas, but if desired, you can challenge yourself in the front-end, back-end, and DevOps areas. ◆About the Project In order to build an architecture that can withstand the future expansion of the product, they are planning and promoting the backend microservice in parallel with the existing architecture (development language: PHP). In order to build an architecture that can withstand the future expansion of the product, they are planning and promoting the backend microservice in parallel with the existing architecture (development language: PHP). As they move forward from a monolithic environment to a microservice, they plan to consider and incorporate new technologies as needed. In addition to the above-mentioned projects for the year, they would like to leave the core development to you in order to give shape to your ideas for new functions in order to realize a sales tech that is close to the client's needs. ◆About the Development Team They have a multinational team, and English is the main language of everyday conversation. The team is very open-minded, so you can be involved in improving the existing code and creating new architecture while sharing your opinions with everyone. ・Product Marketing 1 person (Japanese) ・Tech Lead: 1 (Japanese-Brazilian) ・7 Engineers ・UI/UX Designer 1 person in charge of UX

Required skills

【Required】 ・At least 5 years or equivalent experience in web application development ・Experience in implementation and table design using one of the RDBMs (MySQL/PostgreSQL, etc.) ・Experience in API development ・Understanding of object orientation, implementation experience, and code architecture design experience ・Experience with asynchronous processing and event-driven programming ・Experience in code review using Git. ・Understand business requirements and functional specifications, and be able to implement and test from a user perspective. ・Experience in Scrum or other agile team development (with no hesitation) 【Preferred】 ・Experience in web development using PHP, Go ・Experience in development using TDD ・Experience in message queuing development (RabbitMQ, SQS, etc.) ・Interested in front-end or infrastructure areas as well ・Ability to write highly maintainable code with awareness of responsibilities and scalability ・Daily conversational level of English ・Understanding of Japanese business practices