Web Service Development Engineer

Contract type
IT Consulting
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
5 Million yen〜10 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

In this position, you will be responsible for the development of web services with a sense of speed, from the creation of new products for customers to their growth. ■Job Details ・EC site development ・Web conference system development ・Development and design for adding new functions to existing services This is a division that participates from the planning stage in the "creation of things" for customers and pursues the development of services that are supported by users. In this position, you will be able to focus on the development of specific services and products, and be involved from 0 to 1 to 1 to 10 on a long-term basis. ■Three points for realizing the ideal engineer ・Teaming up with engineers of similar levels During the selection process, the company tests your coding skills in a discussion format with their full-stack engineers. Since you will be working in a team of people with similar skill levels, you will be able to share code in your area of expertise and give each other advice, making it easy for you to improve your skills. ・Global values with a multinational staff Most of the engineers are non-Japanese, making it a global organization. The way of thinking about development differs from country to country, so you may be able to get advice from angles that you may not have thought of. In addition, since they work closely with service directors and UX designers on projects, they are able to incorporate a variety of opinions regardless of the job title. ・Many opportunities to use advanced technology in practice The development period per project is short, and you will be involved in a wide range of development projects, both large and small, so you will inevitably have more opportunities to use the cutting-edge technologies you are interested in in practice, making it easier to deepen your knowledge as an engineer.

Required skills

【Required】 ・Experience in web service development (3+ years) ・Experience in development from upstream to downstream processes ・Experience in development using cloud services ・Experience with any of the following development languages  TypeScript/React/node.js 【Preferred】 ・Experience with GCP Firebase ・Experience using FIrebase Hosting ・Experience with Video Engine integration  (Twilio video, Amazon Chime SDK, etc.) ・Experience developing iOS/Android applications ・Experience developing in an AWS environment ・Experience with 0→1 development ・Experience in agile development ・Experience as a scrum master or tech lead 【Ideal Applicants】 ・Have empathy with the company's business and vision. ・Ambition, motivation, and a sense of responsibility in your work ・Ability to accept things honestly ・Able to work proactively