Front End Engineer

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
6 Million yen〜10 Million yen
Japanese Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

■Recruitment background The service will be medium- to long-term oriented, aiming to create products that can generate greater value. They are looking for a front-end engineer who will be responsible for the future development of this service! ■Job Details ・Development and operation of the company's web services ・Performance improvement of the company's web services ・Direction of external resources ■Attraction of this position ・Experience working on a large scale service with more than 40 million monthly users ・Able to work in a small team with discretion in development ・Gain experience not only in front-end but also in server-side development ・Wide range of technical coverage, so you can actively challenge new technologies and try them out in the products. ・Experience in product growth, from planning to implementation and verification ■Languages and Frameworks  ・JavaScript  ・Ruby 2.6  ・Ruby 2.6 ・Rails 6 ・Middleware  ・MySQL  ・Elasticsearch  ・Redis ・Version control  ・GitHub ・Infrastructure  ・AWS  ・GCP

Required skills

【Required】 ・Experience developing in a team using Git / GitHub ・Experience developing with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript ・Experience developing with Ruby on Rails 【Preferred】 ・Experience in server-side development of web applications, or those who would like to try in the future ・Experience in developing web media services ・Experience in development and operation of large scale services