Infrastructure Engineer (SRE Engineer)

Contract type
Mobile / Application Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
5 Million yen〜8 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

You will be an infrastructure engineer (mainly AWS environment, implementing Infrastructure As A Code) who will design, build and operate the overall infrastructure for the functions provided by the company, including the cosmetics EC platform and new functions. The company has introduced Scrum as a development process, which provides a sense of unity as a team and a sense of accomplishment in each sprint. If you wish, you can change your job to server-side, front-end, or mobile application, and you can grow as a full-stack engineer. 【Job Details】 - Design, construction, and operation of infrastructure using AWS - Design and construction of secure, highly durable, highly available, and low-cost systems - Tuning of system performance using AWS resources - Performance tuning of RDBMS - Addressing various other issues that arise in the operation of the service 【Engineering Issues (Infrastructure)】 - As the company is planning to introduce containerized virtualization (Kubernetes), they would like to accumulate DockerxKubernetes know-how. - The company is using Terraform as an Infrastructure As A Code (IaC) tool, but is still in the process of implementing IaC for all cloud environments, and would like to make further progress.

Required skills

【Required】 - Experience in designing, building, operating, and monitoring an entire system using AWS ※Career change from SIer is also available. ※You can work remotely even after the Corona issue is settled. 【Preferred】 - Able to solve any one of the company's engineering issues (infrastructure) - Communication skills to collaborate with business side members to solve problems - Have a venture mind - Experience in tuning system performance using AWS resources - Experience in performance tuning of RDBMS - Knowledge of Linux security and experience in hardening - Experience in design and implementation for CI/CD - Implementation skills to improve load reduction at the program level