Development Engineer (Application with in-house AI engine)

Contract type
IoT /AI / AR / VR / MR
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
6 Million yen〜10 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

・Development of systems using in-house developed AI engines ・Development for both domestic and overseas companies (1)Development of business applications using AI in line with business strategy and product planning       (Documentation, coding, source code review, testing, etc.)       Languages used: C#, Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Spring Framework, WPF, etc.   (2)Negotiation with clients in development (requirements definition, proposals, etc.) (3)Technical discussions with R&D team in development  (4)Data scientist collaboration during implementation and operation 

Required skills

【Required】 ・3+ years of software development experience (C++, C#, Java, python, etc.) ・Understanding of software architecture such as MVC and MVVM. ・Understand software architecture such as MVC, MVVM, etc. Use Python in your work for 3+ years. ・3+ times experience developing services or applications from front-end to back-end (regardless of development scale, main development/prototype development, etc.) 【Preferred】 ・Knowledge of RDBMS ・Experience as an application architect ・Machine learning and natural language processing ・Experience in developing web services at work. Experience in web service development, especially around security such as user authentication. ・Familiarity with Dash Plotly ・Familiarity with Flask ・Familiar with AWS EC2 and S3 ・Familiar with Git ・Familiar with React ※While not essential, the ability to speak English will broaden the scope of your activities.