Machine Learning Engineer

Contract type
SaaS / Software Vendor
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
6 Million yen〜8 Million yen
Japanese Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

▼Goal as a development team The company is currently focusing on the production of corporate information data, but if it can provide not just corporate information, but also information such as "we are currently recruiting human resources" and "we have these needs," the company believes that it will become a truly meaningful database. This is where the power of machine learning is undoubtedly needed, and the mission is to open up the still unexplored area of "creating the world's largest online database" in the future, create highly accurate data, make the project a success, and contribute to the growth of the service and business. ▼Issues The company is facing the issues of technical verification and improvement in order to increase the value of data to a level that can be provided to users. Therefore, they are looking for a machine learning engineer who can promote product development using machine learning to create highly accurate data from a long-term perspective. ▼Work they want you to do together You will lead the development and operation of products that use machine learning. In order to create highly accurate data, there is an urgent need to build, evaluate, and improve the accuracy of machine learning models for sorting information. ▼Your role ・Function development and performance improvement of products using machine learning ・Commonization, standardization, and utilization of libraries, data pipelines, and intermediary generated data related to machine learning ・Contribute to improving the quality of data provided to products and reducing production costs ・Work on emerging issues as machine learning ▼Development Environment ・Development language: Python ・ML libraries: TensorFlow, PyTorch ・ML Framework: Scipy/Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Tensorflow/Keras/PyTorch ・Container: Docker, SageMaker ■Working Environment Fully remote work * May be required to come to the office depending on the project situation. Transportation expenses (including airfare and Shinkansen) will be provided. Full flexible work hours (no core hours) available from 6:00 to 22:00

Required skills

[MUST] ・Practical experience with machine learning ・Experience in software development ・Basic knowledge of security, monitoring and operations [WANT] ・Experience and academic achievements in the field of machine learning ・Experience in selecting technologies for business use ・Experience in data analysis on AWS or GCP ・Experience in application development using AWS or GCP ・Experience in team building and team leading