Data Engineer

Contract type
SaaS / Software Vendor
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
5 Million yen〜7 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

▼Goal as a Data Analysis Team The company started building the analytics infrastructure in December 2019 and have been able to build the infrastructure to a level where they can perform stable analysis and visualization of the current product. In the meantime, the product continues to grow, and the number of requests for analysis and visualization coming to the data analysis team is rapidly increasing. The company is also planning major growth investments across the board for 2022, which will require increased accuracy in decision making. They are looking for an experienced person to join our team to support management-level decision making and data-driven product growth. ▼How to proceed with data analysis work Data analysis members use user behavior data accumulated in the analysis infrastructure for visualization and analysis. They support the decision-making of all teams, including business and development, as well as strategy, product managers, and planning. ▼Work they want you to do together ・Design and operation of data analysis infrastructure with scalability in mind ・Design and operation of BigQuery based infrastructure / data pipeline (Design and operation of BigQuery based infrastructure / data pipeline (parallel processing, load on DB, speed, scalability, idempotent) ・Design and construction of ETL to process daily accumulated data and store it in a usable form ・Data extraction/reporting to support decision making from the field to the management level ▼Medium- to long-term assumed tasks ・Project management of data analysis team ・Establishment and fundamental improvement of infrastructure ・Analysis of user attributes and behavioral history: analogy of orientation and characteristics ・Quantitative improvement proposals for products ・Quantitative improvement proposals for management and strategy ▼Technology Stack Typescript、React、Redux (Redux tool kit、RTK Query)、Cypress、CircleCI、Javascript (ES6)、Golang、Ruby on Rails、Python、Neo4j、DynamoDB、 ElasticSearch、Aurora、 MySQL、AWS、Docker、Kubernetes、GitHub ■Working Environment Fully remote work * May be required to come to the office depending on the project situation. Transportation expenses (including airfare and Shinkansen) will be provided. Full flexible work hours (no core hours) available from 6:00 to 22:00

Required skills

[MUST] ・experience in building/operating a data analysis infrastructure using BigQuery/TreasureData, etc. ・Knowledge and experience in processing data using programming languages such as Python ・Basic knowledge and experience with databases (RDB, NoSQL) ・Basic knowledge of web applications and data pipelines ・Experience in designing and operating a data warehouse and analysis environment ・Experience in developing systems that integrate multiple data sources, including external services ・Experience with ETL, including processing, extraction and cleansing of large scale data ・Experience in KPI design and dashboard building [WANT] ・Experience in building and operating databases such as RDB/NoSQL ・Experience in web application development ・Experience in building and operating ETL on public clouds such as AWS/GCP ・Experience in building/operating distributed processing systems ・Expertise in machine learning and mathematics, and experience in building services that utilize such knowledge ・Experience in data model design ・Experience with DAM/PIM design ・Basic knowledge of crawlers ・Experience building/operating a search engine such as Elasticsearch