Entertainment Division/Design Department/UI Designer

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
4 Million yen〜7 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

【Recruitment Background】 The Design Department is a cross-business design organization that handles a variety of design tasks, including brand design for the company's services, UI design for the web and applications, content design, and creative production for marketing promotions. In recent years, there are more and more cases where designers participate from the service conceptualization and planning stage, and take charge of the entire service design while collaborating with a wide range of related parties such as business management, marketing, development, and back office. They are also working on supporting the formation of a design team within the business so that it can function during the launch phase of a new business. In order to work on design with even greater speed, the company is looking for more new people to take on the challenge together. 【Business Overview】 The Design Department is responsible for UI/UX design and creative production across the various services provided by the company. There are various design phases they are involved in, including the launch phase of new businesses, service renewal, growth hacking for user acquisition, and campaign promotion. In order to respond to design needs in a speedy and flexible manner even in different business domains, the Design Department is focusing on activities to organize requirements with business personnel and development members and produce output from the designer's perspective. <Examples of recent design work> Overall design for new business launch Design team formation and design workflow development Consideration of growth hacking measures and support for implementation Platform function UI improvement Online salon event page design Overall service design and UX design ※In addition to the above, the company is working on design production for many existing businesses and service design for new businesses. 【Job】 You will be in charge of UI/UX and interaction design for the various services provided by the company. They would like you to take on the challenge of designing in a way that balances the perspectives of both achieving user objectives and business results, and deriving optimal solutions through repeated prototyping based on hypotheses. The main design tasks are as follows 1. Deepen understanding of industry/market trends and business KPIs of the service you are in charge of, analyze the current situation through user surveys and access analysis, and discover and raise issues from various perspectives such as service provision workflow, UI, and graphic representation. 2. To explore the direction of UX design through prototyping, and to propose a better form of communication between service products and users. 3. Reflect the look and feel defined in the service concept in the interface, implement it, and release it. 【Attraction of this position】 The company has more than 50 services, and new businesses are being launched all the time, so you can be responsible for designing for a variety of industries and phases. While your main work will be UI/UX design, you will be able to challenge various design scenes by utilizing your experience and suitability. ・Graphic design for service promotion ・Richer interaction design such as animation and motion design ・Service concept design and VI development ・Consensus building with service stakeholders and participation in the service development requirements definition phase 【Development environment/Team structure】 ・Manager : 1 ・Group Leader: 2 ・Designers (members): 7

Required skills

【Required】 ・Experience in UI design work using Figma, XD, or Sketch ・Experience in graphic production using tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator ・Experience in UI design of websites consisting of more than about 20 pages ・Experience working with other professionals as part of a development team ・Experience in proposing and coordinating the best design approach for product requirements ※Please submit a portfolio showing the above experience. 【Preferred】 ・Experience working with multiple designers to design and lead work on a new product ・Understanding of Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design ・Experience in service concept design, branding, and UX design ・Experience in designing KPIs and calculating contribution profit for various media operations 【Ideal Applicants】 Understanding of the product you are working on, understanding of the culture of each business you are operating and developing, and understanding of specific design approaches. The company is looking for people who can oversee all of these factors and lead to consensus building among stakeholders in a well-balanced manner according to the characteristics of the project. There are many opportunities to interact and coordinate with sales, planning, development, and management. The company is looking for people who can logically interact and make proposals using various design outputs such as wireframes, rough designs, and prototyping, and who can cooperate with various stakeholders while maintaining a high sense of ownership.