【100% in-house development】Front End Engineer

Contract type
SaaS / Software Vendor
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
4 Million yen〜7 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

Up to now, many parts of the site have used SSR (Server Side Rendering), but the company plans to use React, Vue.js, and other technologies to create SPA (Single Page Application) in the future. 【Specifically...】 Brush up existing functions to implement UI designed using React or Javascript + HTML + CSS, improve processing speed and code refactoring, come up with ideas for new functions, study implementation methods, select services, etc. Development Environment: PHP, JavaScript

Required skills

【Required】 1+ years of experience in web service development Experience with React, Javascript + HTML + CSS Basic knowledge of PHP and DB (mysql, etc.) Interest in real-time communication service development 【Preferred】 Experience developing web services in Vue.js Experience developing and operating web services for business Minimum English communication skills Knowledge and experience using AWS (IaaS in general) Experience in DB design and construction Experience in cross-functional system development from front-end to back-end and DB Experience in backend development with Node.js