PHP Engineer (potential)

Contract type
Web / Internet Service
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
4 Million yen〜7 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

You will be responsible for the overall back-end development of the sales management system for the company's service, which straddles the three domains of food tech x retail tech x fintech. You will be mainly responsible for back-end development associated with the addition, modification, and operation of web application services. ■Examples of Past Development ・Expansion of Self-Order System ・Support for PayPay and LINE Pay payments ・Postpaid payment system support ・Expansion of take-out function ・Integration with POS systems ・Accounting software integration ・Server-side implementation of ticket vending machine functions etc. 【Attraction of this position】 ■You will be involved in the re-branding of the service, and will be able to work on a New Normal sales system, not only as a registry application, but also in conjunction with self-order, takeout, and other services. ■As 100% of the services are developed in-house, you will be able to feel the results of your work immediately as a result of the services you provide. ■The engineers and sales staff are close to each other, and each member of the team is actively working to improve functions and enhance services, making it easy to understand customer satisfaction and needs through close discussions. ■You will be able to work with discretion in the development of the No. 1 POS cash register in Japan. ■This is an environment where those who want to take on the challenge of management can raise their hands. 【Development Environment】 ■Language: PHP ■Framework:Back-end / Laravel, Front-end / Vue.js ■Work Process:Requirement definition, basic design, detailed design, development, integration, user T, maintenance, modification (including release) ■Development Environment: Backend: Laravel Framework 6.18.8 Server: Amazon RDS Others: Firebase , Firestore Web application: vue@2.6.11 Others: Scandit (barcode reader) Communication tools: Slack , zoom , google meet Source code management: GitHub (Bitbucket in some cases) Others: redmine , Docker

Required skills

【Required】 ■Meet any of the following ・1+ years of experience in PHP development ・1+ years of engineering experience in a language other than PHP and would like to challenge PHP. 【Preferred】 ■2+ years of backend development experience with PHP ■Practical experience in backend development with Laravel ■Practical experience in front-end development with Vue.js 【Ideal Applicants】 ・Have a love for the company's services ・Enjoy change and challenges ・Able to work as a team and exchange opinions in a positive manner ・Able to be self-driven/passionate about the vision and mission that the company is aiming to achieve and execute it ・Enjoy the growth phase of the service while being involved in a wide range of tasks