Software Engineer (DevOps)

Contract type
SaaS / Software Vendor
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
8 Million yen〜12 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

The company is looking for a DevOps Engineer to improve the speed and reliability of development. This page contains job openings related to the Machine Intelligence R&D Division. The company aims to continuously deliver value to its customers through the use of software. Specifically, they are actively adopting container technology and managed services and promoting automation to reduce operational load, improve reliability, and allow us to focus on development. As the development system needs to scale with the expanding organization, you will be entrusted with the task of constructing and operating the infrastructure to automate the development flow. 【Development Organization Structure】 There are two main divisions that develop software: the Product Development Department and the Machine Intelligence R&D Department, which is responsible for the following areas - Product Development: Responsible for developing the UI, DB, and API integration for LegalForce's products. - Machine Intelligence R&D: Responsible for developing APIs for language processing, machine learning, and search (including management and utilization of in-house contract data and customer data). 【Development Environment or Technology Used (Machine Intelligence R&D Department)】 - Public Cloud: Google Cloud - Application execution environment: Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, Google App Engine - Machine learning: Vertex AI, MLFlow - Database datastore: Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, CloudSQL - Logging and monitoring: Cloud Logging, Cloud Monitoring - Configuration management: Terraform, Packer, Ansible - CI/CD: Cloud Build, GitHub Actions - Build tools: Bazel - Programming languages: Python, Rust 【Responsibilities】 You will work in communication with application developers and infrastructure engineers. The following is a list of DevOps-related tasks. - Propose and implement measures to improve development efficiency. - Development of tools necessary for development. - Design and construction of CI/CD pipeline.

Required skills

【Required】 - Understanding of CI/CD concepts and the role of each tool, and the ability to select appropriate technologies. - Practical experience in designing and building CI/CD pipelines using Linux container technologies. - Practical experience in designing and building with AWS or Google Cloud cloud infrastructure. - Practical experience with Infrastructure as Code using configuration management tools (Terraform, Ansible, ...). - Experience in creating development support tools using general-purpose programming languages. - Japanese: JLPT N2 or equivalant 【Preferred】 - Experience designing and building CI/CD with security in mind. - Experience in designing and building an application infrastructure that enables feature toggling. - Experience in designing and implementing test execution environments or test frameworks for multiple applications.