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SIer/System Development Company
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SIer / Software Entrusted Development
IT Skills
Java, React.js
Working hours
4 Million yen〜8 Million yen

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Job Description
<Responsibilities> You will be responsible for the development of web applications for the financial industry, FinTech, gaming industry, etc. You will be in charge of the one-stop and team approach from requirement definition to design, development/release, and operation and maintenance. Many of the projects involve the development of large-scale applications ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of yen, and are developed by 7 to 20 people, so you can be involved in various processes and steadily build up your skills. The company has been involved in many new development projects with its solid technical capabilities. For large-scale development, the main language is Java/SpringFW, but recently, languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP, Kotlin, and other modern FW and tools are increasingly being selected. FinTech and financial projects require knowledge of the financial industry and security, so you can develop your career as a highly specialized engineer in the future. <Attraction> ・Gain experience in large-scale projects ・Abundant new and long-term development projects ・Many PJTs in the trendy "Fintech" field ・More than 70% of projects are prime projects ・Development environment not bound by existing technologies and tools ・Exposure to new technologies such as machine learning and RPA ・In-house development and in-house service development <Project Examples> ■New System Construction for Discontinued Interest Rates Summary: New construction of various systems and business processes for transition to decommissioned rates.     Building new systems using new technology elements such as Jupyter, AirFlow, Jenkins, Azure, etc. Responsibility: Requirement definition to operation and maintenance Number of people: 7 Development language: Python ■Application development for a major financial company Summary: To develop a business application that examines and manages losses due to the risk of falling stock prices and exchange rate fluctuations Responsibility: Requirement definition ~ operation and maintenance Number of people: 16 Development language: Java, Python Key Points:Able to work on various languages and FW such as Python, js, Kotlin, C, etc. other than the main language, and acquire knowledge of the financial industry and security knowledge. ■Reconstruction of core system for a pharmaceutical and medical device trading company Summary: To revamp the current core system (current COBOL). Agile, data-centric approach, and microservices development are adopted according to customer requirements. Responsibility: Requirement definition to production Number of people: 6 Development languages: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Vuetify, Java, SpringBoot Key points: The scope of development is wide from front-end to back-end and adopts a microservices structure, so the client can experience a wide range of development skills and system configurations. ■Application development for a major financial company Summary: Development of business application to calculate and manage market value and risk indicators based on data from related systems Responsibility: Requirement definition ~ operation and maintenance Number of people: 7 Development language: Python Key Points:As a development team, we will use Jupyter Notebook and Jenkins, as well as financial knowledge, including regulatory knowledge and Python knowledge, since this is a system related to finance. Also, since there is a lot of collaboration with functions that other teams (PF) are in charge of, such as OpenShift, Nexus, Jenkins, and Azure, you can acquire knowledge about them as well.
Required Skills
【Required】 ・Experience in development in web-open languages (2+ years)  ∟Java, React 【Preferred】 ・Experience or business knowledge in the financial industry ・Experience in basic design, detailed design, etc. ・Knowledge of infrastructure ・Experience as a leader, such as leading a team and mentoring junior staff
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