Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Famous Start-up
Own Products/Services
Many Foreign Employees
Company Image
IoT /AI / AR / VR / MR
IT Skills
CircleCI, Azure, Django, GCP(Google Cloud Platform), AWS, Linux
Working hours
Flextime System
7 Million yen〜12 Million yen

About this Job

Job Description
【Background】 The company is building a platform (Web.Auto) to achieve its Vision of "democratization of automated driving" and is looking for members to further improve and ensure the safety and reliability of automated vehicles equipped with Autoware in order to make them widely used around the world. 【Role & Responsibilities】 You will be expected to understand the system structure, architecture, and development policy of the Autoware platform (Web.Auto), and to work on solving problems, improving productivity, and ensuring reliability through any means possible, regardless of the area. Although the basic system development and operation procedures such as development, CI/CD, operation, and monitoring have been completed, there are still many issues that need to be addressed. ・Operation and performance improvement of applications and middleware ・Construction and operation of data stores, networks, etc. in the cloud ・Maintenance and support of Microservices infrastructure built on Fargate/Kubernetes ・Build and operate cloud-native CI/CD pipelines ・Development and operation of tools to automate various operations ・Monitoring environment construction and operation for fault detection and capacity planning ・Information security design and operation 【Challenge & Rewarding】 ・Challenge to various technical fields (ECU, Mobile Network, IoT, Web, Container, Serverless, etc.) ・Become a member of "social implementation of automated driving in the real world," which no one has achieved yet. ・Build up an immature organization
Required Skills
[Required] ・Basic Knowledge of Cloud Services ・Basic knowledge about Container ・Fundamentals of Networking ・Basic knowledge of security ・Experience in development and operation of general-purpose programming languages (Python, Go, etc.) ・Experience in building and operating CI/CD pipelines ・Experience in building and operating Infrastructure as Code ・Experience in building and operating orchestration systems ・Japanese (conversational + reading/writing) [Preferred] ・Knowledge and development experience related to Linux kernel ・Experience in development and operation with microservices ・Experience in development and operation using cloud services such as AWS/GCP/Azure/Alibaba Cloud ・Experience in system architecture and API design ・Experience in leading development teams ・Experience in development using Django framework ・Experience in SaaS development ・Experience in IoT/M2M related development ・Experience building and operating large-scale IT infrastructure in multiple regions ・Experience building and operating management systems and development processes that comply with ISO standards of any kind ・Technical English (reading and writing)
Required Language Skills
Japanese Level
Business Level
English Level
Business Level
Other Language Skills

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