Front End Engineer (Development Infrastructure)

Full Remote
Famous Start-up
Own Products/Services
Many Foreign Employees
Company Image
Mobile / Application Service
IT Skills
Typescript, Javascript, Vue.js, React.js, CSS, HTML
Working hours
5 Million yen〜12 Million yen

About this Job

Job Description
【Your Role】 You will work on the development of the infrastructure for the development and operation of websites and web services inside and outside of the company's applications. ・Organize and improve internally developed libraries  ・Resolving library security risks (updating Node.js versions)  ・Creation of library creation templates  ・Improvement of library operation flow and package update flow ・Creation of designer efficiency tools in collaboration with other departments ・Research and development of WebAssembly + Rust to explore the possibilities of the Web in Kokone ・Development and operation of tools to automate deployment, etc. ・Support for commonization of in-house CMS and maintenance of documentation ・Assignment to new web services depending on suitability and situation 【Recruitment Background】 ・The company is looking to increase the number of people to strengthen the infrastructure for developing/operating the company's website/web services, to promote development efficiency, and to promote R&D to expand new possibilities for the company's web using WebAssembly and other technologies. ・By bringing in new members, the company hopes to be able to work as a team on activities that will be important in the future, such as improving issues, improving the development environment, and R & D for the future. 【Attraction of this position】 ・As a growing team, you will be able to utilize your experience/knowledge and be directly involved in the management of the organization. ・You will be able to decide how to solve problems and implement them on your own. ・The infrastructure you create will be used as a common infrastructure for the web pages of each application, and will support the teams of each application to focus on their work with higher added value for the clients. 【Tech Stack】 Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Sass/SCSS syntax, JavaScript (ES6 or higher), TypeScript, Node.js, Python Frameworks: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React, Next.js CI/CD: Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD Infrastructure: AWS (S3, CloudFront, Lambda, EC2)
Required Skills
【Required】 ・Practical and operational experience specializing in front-end development ・Knowledge and experience in HTML/CSS/JavaScript (TypeScript) development ・Experience developing with new libraries and development tools (Vue.js, React, webpack, postCSS, etc.) ・Experience developing in a team environment using version control systems 【Preferred】 ・Working experience on the server side ・Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) ・Experience in automation of development environment by CI/CD using GitHub Actions/Jenkins/Drone/CircleCI etc. ・Knowledge of front-end test design ・Knowledge of various browser features and performance tuning ・Knowledge of accessibility, usability, and security ・Experience in development using WebAssembly and Rust ・Experience developing native applications for iOS, Android, etc. ・Experience contributing to OSS or being active in the community
Required Language Skills
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