Front End Engineer (Content Development)

Full Remote
Famous Start-up
Own Products/Services
Many Foreign Employees
Company Image
Mobile / Application Service
IT Skills
Typescript, Javascript, Vue.js, React.js, CSS, HTML
Working hours
5 Million yen〜12 Million yen

About this Job

Job Description
【Your Role】 You will be mainly involved in front-end development/operation/maintenance work for the company's in-app web. ・In-app Web: Development of events, modification of regular pages, and construction of notification and inquiry systems using external services. ・Non-app Web: Official app website, event LPs, corporate website, etc. ・Others: In-house developed web services In this position, you will be responsible for creating contents that are indispensable to maximize the appeal of the application by promoting "kawaii" and "fun" to customers who use the application and those who have not yet used it, as well as by announcing events, new projects, and other information. You will play a role in ensuring that the content you create directly leads to customer enjoyment and pleasure. 【Issues/Challenge】 ・Lack of knowledge and experience in 3D and high quality animation, etc., and are not able to propose visual expressions that have impact. ・Lack of human resources at the middle level, such as leaders and part managers 【Tech Stack】 Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Sass/SCSS syntax, JavaScript (ES6 or higher), TypeScript Frameworks: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, React, Next.js CI/CD: Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD Infrastructure: AWS (S3, CloudFront, Lambda, EC2)
Required Skills
【Required】 ・Practical and operational experience specializing in front-end development ・Knowledge and experience in HTML/CSS/JavaScript (TypeScript) development ・Experience developing with new libraries and development tools (Vue.js, React, webpack, postCSS, etc.) ・Experience developing in a team environment using version control systems 【Preferred】 ・Expertise in web design and UI/UX ・Experience in developing visual and animated expressions using WebGL, CSS animation, etc. ・Knowledge of various browser features, performance tuning, and SEO measures ・Experience with Adobe tools (Photoshop, XD) ・Knowledge of CMS such as WordPress ・Knowledge of front-end test design ・Experience in server side
Required Language Skills
Japanese Level
Business Level
English Level
Business Level
Other Language Skills

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