Senior IT Business Analyst

外資系企業/Foreign Company
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level


Senior IT Business Analyst has advanced expertise in a wide range of tools for process analysis and requirements development and documentation. Has the proven ability to analyze the most complex projects that typically involve multiple systems, new technologies, significant business impact and risk, and multiple stakeholders who may have competing and/or conflicting needs. Typically works across an entire program or portfolio, integrating across multiple business processes and client areas. 【Key Accountabilities】 ・Identifies which tools/techniques are appropriate to lead the team through the process of understanding a business issue/need, how it is currently handled, and how it should be handled in the future. ・Leads business analysis for the most complex projects that may impact multiple business areas, address complex processes, involve significant process analysis and redesign, entail significant risk, and involve the integration of multiple systems. ・Can resolve conflicting/competing needs from different areas of the business, tactfully, and in a way that satisfies all parties. ・Provides recommendations to users on appropriate solutions, along with guidance concerning the business implications of application development projects. Ensures system and business requirements are met by monitoring business value achieved, escalates any variances that may impact ROI to the project team and ensures they are addressed. ・Ensures system and business requirements are met by monitoring business value achieved, escalates any variances that may impact ROI to the project team and ensures they are addressed. ・Provides input into continuous requirements process and methodology improvement. ・Assists or leads the development of QVC Business Cases, including ROI and other financial analysis. ・Provides input to new technology evaluations that may enable business success. ・Proactively identifies opportunities for reuse and integration across systems and functions. ・Can build project plans and direct team activities for the business analysis elements in the execution of a project in collaboration with others. ・Manages/ coordinates business analysis elements in software development projects with a proven ability to lead cross functional teams without direct authority. ・Presents and facilitates client and senior/executive level management meetings. ・Coaches, motivates and trains other Business Analysts. ・Leads redesign efforts that may span multiple areas of the organization. ・Leads post-implementation and transition to a business/technical sustained state (e.g., warranty period support). ・Conducting a complete diagnosis of most business problems that factors in a strong understanding of business processes and anticipates implementation obstacles. ・Helping the user clarify, develop, and plan for their current and future technology needs. ・Conceiving of and designing projects that typically require extensive systems integration, large teams and multiple technical platforms, with substantial risk and implications for the business. ・Performing risk assessment and developing a contingency plan with possible alternatives and recommendations when unanticipated situations arise. ・Possesses persuasion and negotiation skills and uses them in a tactful and diplomatic fashion. ・Manages user expectations effectively and proactively. ・Collaborates with users cross-functionally to identify innovative methods of leveraging technology to improve efficiency, quality and speed to achieve successful outcomes. ・Integrates the potentially diverse needs of many users and stakeholders and successfully manages varying perspectives. ・Customizes presentations to the interests of the audience. Presents to senior management with an intent to persuade – such as to invest in a new technology, adopt a new direction for a process or project, etc. ・Forms productive networks with internal and external clients and the vendor community. ・Leads the business analysis phase of large projects, often providing direction to more junior team members. ・Plays a leadership role in the management of large, complex technology projects typically lasting more than a year and involving multiple vendors, multiple technologies, leading edge technologies, and broad implications for the IT architecture. ・Develops business cases and presents to leadership ・Provides the final definition of the project plan from a business perspective, including the deliverables required and the results expected, and obtains approval/sponsorship/support from the business. ・Recommends investments in new tools or the adoption of new processes/methodologies. ・Realigns project efforts to ensure business requirements are met. ・Advises management on budgetary issues and negotiates a successful resolution. ・Contributes to strategic growth plans for the IT organization.


【Critical Skills/Knowledge】 ・Identifies new developments in business analysis tools and techniques available in the marketplace, and recommends new directions to management as appropriate. ・Possesses a broad understanding of current and emerging technologies (e.g., what is and what is not possible). ・Partners with business units and other relevant groups in QVC IT to develop a long-term technology plan, introducing insights based on a broad understanding of QVC as well as an understanding of the emerging competitive and technology landscape. ・Possesses strong understanding of a variety of development methods (e.g., agile and waterfall) and their implications for a project. ・Possesses an understanding of project management methodologies, tools and techniques ・Has good understanding of the overall business strategies and objectives of QVC, and factors them into decisions and recommendations. ・Has advanced knowledge of the strategic plans/initiatives of various business units, and/or can quickly come up to speed on the strategies and critical success factors for a business unit. ・Understands the relationships and interdependencies of various departments/ functions/sites. ・Able to transform major business change initiatives into strategic level systems solutions. Understands the business impact of different solutions, and can assess and communicate the tradeoffs between business needs, technology requirements, costs and risk. ・Identifies and/or develops business performance measures to track the benefits of a project or service. ・Maintains an understanding of business plans and strategies of competitors and of the industry in general. 【QUALIFICATIONS】 Education: Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience. Experience: 8+ years of relevant experience