Platform Security Engineer (DevSecOps)/注目のAIスタートアップ/リモート&フレックス

日系企業/Japanese Company
基礎会話レベル/Basic Conversational Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level


■Overview We are an industry leader in providing AI/ML services to our clients and the security and management of our client data is critically important. As the first dedicated Platform Security Engineer, you will be building up our DevSecOps function whilst working with a team of other Platform Engineers to build out and secure our rapidly expanding cloud infrastructure and services. You will be responsible for developing solutions, implementing requirements, assisting in creating key processes and procedures, that facilitate planning, execution and delivery of all our platforms and products. ■What We're Looking For You will report directly to the head of the Platform Operations Group and bring security best practices and specific cloud and infrastructure security expertise to the party. Together with our in-house security and IT infrastructure team, you will solve complex security problems that enable our engineering practices to be nimble, while maintaining the highest levels of security. You should be someone who is comfortable at explaining complex recommendations to the engineering and infrastructure teams, while discussing technical trade-offs in product and platform development with other work colleagues. You are highly resourceful, analytical, and have a combination of focus, flexibility, self-motivation, integrity, and willingness to put the team’s interest above everything else. You are very much interested in any aspect of A.I or Machine Learning.


■Required Skills ・Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience; ・Experience: -Minimum 1-3 years of professional experience in cybersecurity related roles; -Experience in penetration testing/application security testing, vulnerability scanning, and threat-based risk assessment; -Programming experience in one or more languages including, but not limited to, Java, C/C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Go, and Perl; ・Knowledge: -Strong understanding of security automation and DevSecOps methodologies; -Understanding of key management best practices and cryptographic techniques; ・Effective interpersonal and communication skills : (Business-level English and conversational Japanese) OR (Business-level Japanese and at least reading and writing capabilities for English) ■Preferred Skills ・Past experience working in a startup environment ・A fundamental understanding of algorithms and data structures ・Advanced knowledge of Linux environments ・Experience working with large distributed systems (preferably via container orchestration) ・Good presentation skills (English or Japanese) ■Experience YOU can gain at ExaWizards ・Work on cutting-edge AI technologies toegether with some of the best experts in the industry; ・Develop yourself in the AI field as a Platform security engineer;