Work Visa Application in Japan for Freelancers

The phrases “Work from home” and “remote work” has been introduced in many Japanese companies, and the talent acquisition is not always about hiring full-time employees(Seishain). The methods of hiring labor is diversified in each company such as contracting self-employed workers, freelancers in Japan.

According to this situation, the number of opportunities to hire foreigners in the form of outsourcing increases progressively. In these days, We ,GTalent, receive many questions about work visas from many self-employed workers, freelancers and the companies hiring them.

At this article, We would like to explain in detail about how to apply for a work visa in the case of the outsourcing contracts as a self-employed worker and a freelancer.

Work visa application with an outsourcing contract

You need to apply for a working visa even at the time of an outsourcing contract as a self-employed worker and a freelancer as well as the case of full-time employed(Seishain) .

However, you should be careful when having several outsourcing contracts with several companies.

If you have several outsourcing contracts with multiple companies, you must ask the company which you get the highest salary in the outsourcing contracts to apply for a working visa.

Therefore, be sure to check which companies contracting with you pay the highest salary to you.

Important Points when applying for a working visa with outsourcing contract

If you execute an outsourcing contract with a Japanese company, the following points are essentials to obtain a working visa.

  1. Appropriate outsourcing contract under the Labor Law of Japan
  2. Long-term contract
  3. Do paying the tax, pension and social security procedures by yourself

These important points are followings in details.

Appropriate outsourcing contract under the Labor Law of Japan

To apply for a working visa, you need to attach the outsourcing contract. If the content is inappropriate under Japan’s labor law, you may not be able to obtain a working visa application permission. Therefore, be sure to specify the appropriate remuneration and terms of the contract in the outsourcing contract.

Long-term contract

Even when outsourcing, you need to have a long-term contract as well as applying for a working visa under a full-time employment contract.

If the contract period is only 1 to 2 months, you may not be able to get permission to apply for a working visa.

However, even if the contract period is short, if the contract is automatically renewed unless there is a big problem, it may be possible to obtain a visa application permission.

Do paying the tax, pension and social security procedures

If you are a self-employed worker, you have to pay the tax, pension and social insurance by yourself as well as Japanese self-employed worker. If you don’t understand how to do so, be sure to check the website of National Tax Agency, Ministry of Finance Japan and so on.


Nowadays more and more people are starting to work as freelancers, and the tendency will increase from now on so that companies can hire a various talent through flexible employee tyme.

Particularly in the IT/WEB industry, many engineers are increasingly outsourcing their work as freelancers. Also, the number of foreign IT engineers is currently increasing in the IT/WEB industry, and it is thought that not only Japanese IT engineers but also foreign IT engineers will start to work like freelances more and more.

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