Terms of Service

Bizmates, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Bizmates”) has provided the following Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “TOU”) for the use of the personnel placement services, etc. provided by G Talent, operated by Bizmates (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”; as will be defined in Article 1) by applicants and users of the Services (hereinafter referred to as “Users”). Users shall be deemed to have approved the TOU as of the time when applications for subscription in the Services are filed. In addition, if the Users are minors, it shall be required to obtain consent of their legal representatives, such as persons with parental authority.

Article 1 (Scope of Application of the TOU and Amendment)


For the scope of application of the TOU, in addition to those as set forth on the website of Bizmates (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”), information transmitted via email and applications, etc. provided by Bizmates to Users is included


Bizmates may revise, amend or add new provisions to the TOU, without obtaining the approval of Users. The TOU after amendment shall become effective when it is published on the Site and Users shall agree to the effect of the amended TOU in advance.

Article 2 (Details of the Services)


Services shall be the collective name of the services as provided in the following paragraph. Bizmates shall provide the Services to Users as a fee-charging employment placement business (yuuryou-shokugyou-shoukai-jigyou), based on the license issued under the Employment Security Act within the scope specified on the Site.


Bizmates shall, for Users, match the contents of applications received from Users with recruitment conditions desired by job offering companies. If there are any recruitment that can be referred, Bizmates shall provide recruitment information with recruitment slips, and, in addition, Bizmates shall provide to Users services suitable to Users from the following services at judgment of Bizmates.

  1. Implementation of employment counseling by phone or interview,
  2. Support for job seeking or job change activities by employment advisors,
  3. Provision of recruitment information to supplement recruitment slips,
  4. Proxy execution of application procedures, and
  5. Any and all other services judged beneficial by Bizmates for job seeking or job changing by Users.


In provision of the Services, in such cases as where interviews, etc. are not conducted in closed spaces, etc., personal information of Users may be seen or heard by a third party who is at the interview place.


If so requested by the User, Bizmates shall dispose of the curriculum vitae and other job application documents, and delete the information stated in those documents, etc.


Bizmates may outsource all or part of the services relating to the Services upon necessity.

Article 3 (Method of Application for the Services)


Users shall subscribe to the Services in accordance with the procedures provided by Bizmates.


Subscription to the Services by Users shall be completed as of the time of receipt of the email notice of acceptance by Bizmates.

Article 4 (Term of Provision of the Services)

The Services shall continue as long as Bizmates judges there to be a possibility of occurrence of recruitment that matches the User. However, if a User notifies Bizmates to the effect that the User does not desire continuation of the Services, Bizmates shall finish provision of the Services within a reasonable period.

Article 5 (Change, Suspension, Termination of the Services)


If unavoidable in terms of business operations, without any notice to Users, or in any other case after the elapse of a certain period after notice to Users, Bizmates may change, suspend or terminate all or part of the Services.


Notice to Users under the preceding paragraph shall be provided by the method chosen by Bizmates, either by sending email to the email addresses registered by Users, or publishing on the website of Bizmates.

Article 6 (Events of Termination of Provision of the Services)

Bizmates may refuse or cancel the subscription if any of the following items apply to a User:

  1. When the User does not actually exist;
  2. When there is a false or erroneous statement or omission in the subscription information;
  3. When the subscription of the User was canceled in the past by Bizmates
  4. When the User has already subscribed to the Services using a separate account, etc.
  5. When the User commits a prohibited act as provided in Article 7;
  6. When the User is discovered to be an organized crime group member, organized crime group-related organization or related party thereof, or any other anti-social force; or
  7. When the User is judged by Bizmates to be inappropriate as a user of the Services.

Article 7 (Prohibited Acts)


Users must not commit the following acts, or any act that may possibly constitute the following acts in use of the Services:

  1. Assignment of the rights of the User to use the Services to others, or allow others to use the rights, or change the name of the user to others,
  2. Act of causing loss or damage to the reputation or credibility of the Services or Bizmates,
  3. Violation of laws, act against public order or morals, or an act that could possibly constitute such an act,
  4. Registration of false information,
  5. Act of obstructing operation of the Services,
  6. Use of the Services for sales acts, or other business profit activities or preparation therefor,
  7. Acts that cause disadvantages or damage to other users of the Services, Bizmates, job seeking companies or a third party,
  8. Reproduction, publishing or use beyond the scope of the objectives of the Services of information obtained via the Services, or divulgement or disclosure thereof to a third party,
  9. Use of violent language on customer support staff of Bizmates or acts to obstruct customer support services,
  10. Use of one account by multiple persons,
  11. Recording the status of use of the Service by audio or video, and disclosure thereof to a third party, or
  12. Any other acts judged inappropriate by Bizmates.


If a User commits the acts as provided in the preceding paragraph, Bizmates shall cancel the subscription of the User, and if any damage is incurred by Bizmates, Bizmates shall claim damages or take any other legal action.

Article 8 (Change of Subscription Information)

When there is a change in the content of subscription information registered with Bizmates, the User shall without delay perform procedures for change of subscription information at the Site. Bizmates shall assume absolutely no liability for disadvantages or other burdens of Users that arise from neglect by Users of change of subscription information. If a User is confirmed if the subscription information is correct and the latest by Bizmates, the User shall immediately answer it in writing or by email.

Article 9 (Use and Handling of Subscription Information)


Bizmates shall handle information that falls under “personal information” out of the subscription information of Users properly in accordance with the Privacy Policy separately provided by Bizmates.


Users shall manage registered information strictly. By confirming the match of ID and password at the Site, Bizmates shall deem that the user of the Services is the User himself/herself.


Users shall use and manage the ID and password relevant to the Site at their responsibility, and in any case Users must not allow third parties to use the relevant passwords, or assign passwords to a third party.


Users shall assume liability for damage arising due to forgetting, loss or non-thorough management of the ID and password by Users, and Bizmates shall assume absolutely no liability. If a User becomes aware of the fact that his/her own subscription information is improperly being used by others, the User shall notify Bizmates to that effect immediately and follow the instructions thereof.


If you register for this service through a referral from one of our business partners, you agree to provide the partner with employment information (including hiring company, job title, working conditions, etc.) upon hiring a candidate.

Article 10 (Distribution of Information)

Bizmates may give notice via email or distribute information such as advertising or questionnaire, etc. to Users.

Article 11 (Submission of Documents)

When so requested by Bizmates, Users shall submit the following documents promptly:

  1. Identification documents to identify and confirm the User, such as name or address
  2. Alien registration certificate or certificate of authorization of employment to confirm visa status
  3. Any other certification documents of which submission is requested by job offering companies

Article 12 (Recruitment Match)

Although Bizmates matches the contents of an application received from the User and the recruitment conditions expected by a job offering company, Bizmates may not inform the job seeker of the standards for examination or the criteria for judgment, etc. In addition, after receiving a request to apply to a job offering company from a User, based on the request by the job offering company, Bizmates may judge the degree of conformity of the User with the relevant recruitment in place of the job offering company.

Article 13 (Work Conditions)

Although Bizmates confirms the outline of the work conditions, including the specifics of work or treatment, etc., in the case of the User joining a job offering company, the User shall conclude an employment contract with the job offering company at his/her own responsibility after directly confirming the work conditions with the job offering company, and the User shall agree to the fact that the work conditions confirmed by Bizmates and provided to the User are no final guarantee of the details of the relevant employment contract.

Article 14 (Liability)


Information provided by job offering companies or other third parties in the Services is provided at the responsibility of a third party, and Users shall use such information at his/her own responsibility upon acceptance of the fact that Bizmates gives absolutely no guarantee of the contents of such information including whether they are correct and the latest and Bizmates shall not be responsible for them.


Users shall agree to the fact that Bizmates will bear no liability for any and all damage arising out of or in relation to the following matters:

  1. Use or incapability of use of the Services,
  2. Unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration to the data transmitted or registered by Users,
  3. Act of God, network failure, damage by virus that cannot be prevented by virus measures that should be taken normally, or any other events not attributable to Bizmates.


If there is any objection, claim or demand, etc. by a job offering company or other third party arising out of inaccuracy of information provided by the User to Bizmates or a job offering company, or insufficiency or discrepancy in the contents of the information, etc., the User shall handle the matter at their responsibility and expense, and the User shall make a commitment not to cause any nuisance to Bizmates. In addition, if there is a claim or request for deletion by a third party due to an error in the email address out of information of the User, Bizmates may delete the relevant address from the information of the User without prior notice to the User.


If Bizmates is involved in a dispute with a third party due to a violation by a User of the TOU, the User shall settle the dispute at his/her responsibility and expense. In addition, if a User causes damage to Bizmates, related parties or a third party due to violation of the provisions of the TOU, the User shall indemnify for any and all damage.

Article 15 (Copyright and Ownership)

All copyrights and ownership to the trademarks, logo marks, education materials, or any other copyrighted objects, etc. that belong to Bizmates related to the Services shall belong to Bizmates. It shall be prohibited for Users to use them without any prior consent.

Article 16 (Elimination of Anti-social Forces, such as Organized Crime Group)


Each party represents that it does not fall under organized crime group, organized crime group member, or any other anti-social force similar thereto, and firmly commits that it will not fall under these in the future as well, and it will not commit or cause a third party to commit an unreasonable act of demand using violence, threatening behavior, damaging the credibility or obstructing the operations of the other party by spreading false information or using fraud or power or any other similar act.


Either party may terminate the agreement when the other party breaches the preceding paragraph.

Article 17 (Consultations)

Each party shall perform the TOU in good faith under the doctrine of good faith. Matters not provided in the TOU or any doubts as to the provisions of the TOU shall be settled upon bona fide consultations promptly.

Article 18 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The TOU shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes in relation to the use of the Services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court that has jurisdiction over the location of the head office of Bizmates as court of first instance.

Supplementary Provisions

The TOU shall come into effect on April 25, 2024.

The governing language of this Terms of Use shall be Japanese.