We help you hire outstanding IT engineers in Japan.

Why choose G Talent?

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    Focus on advanced IT engineers and bilingual foreign IT engineers

    G Talent is a recruitment agency focused on agile and versatile foreign IT engineers. Introducing foreign IT engineers that meet the needs of employers, recruiting from bilingual engineers who are fluent in Japanese to engineers with advanced cutting-edge IT technologies skills such as AI and IoT, using our own network not only in Japan but from around the world.

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    Since we are an agent strong in IT, we are able to provide optimal matching.

    An IT-savvy consultant will fully support the recruitment of your immediate foreign IT engineers needs. Career consultants are in charge of both clients (company) and candidates, so experienced consultants who are familiar with IT will not only match skills and experience but also engineers who match your company's vision and culture.

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    The No. 1 online business English school * company supports mind set and training

    Our company has achieved a compelling No.1 position as a “business-focused” school. In order to work with foreigners, it is necessary to compromise on both the language and business customs, and while operating a business-focused online English service, we can combine the strengths of our company. We offer unique solutions that go from mindset to accept foreign staff to language training.

G Talent Mission

G Talent is an IT recruitment service operated by Bizmates, the No. 1 online business English school in Japan. The "G" stands for "Global" and we specialize in placing international IT talent in jobs that allow them to thrive and grow in Japan.

As technology continues to drive the business world forward, G Talent aims to stimulate growth, create opportunities, and bolster the Japanese economy by fusing the talents of global IT professionals, regardless of nationality, with Japanese businesses.