Quality Engineer [PL, PM / Quality Control Experienced]

Contract type
SIer / Software Entrusted Development
Company Type
日系企業/Japanese Company
5 Million yen〜8 Million yen
Japanese Level
ビジネスレベル/Business Level
English Level
Other Language Skills

Job Description

This business supports and improves the quality of software in a wide range of areas. After joining the company, you will have a thorough understanding of software testing and quality improvement expertise, and as a project manager, you will contribute to the quality assurance of many manufacturers and vendors. ◇ The position you will be responsible for We are considering hiring as a candidate for a leader or manager position. ◇ Business areas to be active WEB area (WEB application, WEB site, WEB system, etc.) Business system area (finance, insurance, communications, etc.) Embedded area (IoT, medical devices, digital multifunction devices, various digital products, etc.) ◇ Collaboration within the group The company group is a development company specializing in mobile / web. Philippine offshore company. [Development] [Overseas Business Environment] ◎ Those who want to increase the market value as an IT engineer! ◎Those interested in supporting growth companies from the aspect of quality. ◎ Ability to find/solve problems, ability to construct hypotheses, ability to construct processes, and communication skills. <Company appeal> ■ Since its establishment in 2004, aiming to create value through quality evaluation, they mainly provide high-quality products to end-users through software testing and content testing of companies such as home appliance makers and office machine makers, and they aim to maximize added value through the company's products themselves and test services in the process of reaching the products. Currently, they are also focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as the IoT and medical fields! Reliable technical ability to realize direct transactions with many major manufacturers and IT companies by taking advantage of high service level ■ Transactions with companies in a wide range of fields such as WEB area, business system area, embedded area ■ There is a test center, and it is possible to take out items. Seminar instructors also belong, and we have a complete learning environment. [Company style] ■ The company has a well-ventilated and free culture. In addition, we have established a fulfilling training environment for improving various skills and building a sufficient organization, and have an educational system tailored to each level of testing skills, technical skills, human skills, language skills (English) etc. Supports skill improvement

Required skills

【Requirement】 ・ Software quality engineer ・ Those who understand the software quality knowledge system guide ・ Those who can discuss the quality of each process in the software process and analyze and consider the quality ・ Project management engineer [Welcome condition] ・ Experience as a test consultant or equivalent ・ Person who has experience in a project using English