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Global Business
Many Foreign Employees
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IT Skills
Docker, Azure, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Typescript, AWS, Javascript, Ruby, Golang, Go, React.js
Working hours
Fixed Time System
4 Million yen〜7 Million yen
Job Description
In this department, which is involved in the topmost processes to achieve the client's "creation of services that sell", you will be entrusted with the following tasks as an application engineer, depending on your experience. ■Responsibilities ・Requirement Definition ・Consistent handling from design to development to testing to release in new projects  ※Agile development and other WF development projects ・Enhancement support after service launch  ※Not only so-called maintenance and development, but also response to changes in services and business And others ■Projects ・Business planning for consumer services for the food and beverage industry - Application development ・Development of new services for office management and smart cities using IoT devices ・Development and improvement of B to C website with ingenuity to UX and marketing domain, etc. This position allows you to be consistently involved in IT construction as an application engineer from upstream processes to release in service and product development. ■Features of the Department ・You can be involved in the client's business planning and service planning. ・You can be involved in the development of our client's digital services from business planning and service planning. ・You will be able to experience the whole process from business planning to development and release of the service. ・There are many opportunities to use cutting-edge technology in practice. Since the projects they are involved in will be the next generation of services for their clients, they will make proposals that incorporate cutting-edge trends. Because the development period per project is short and they are involved in a variety of development projects, both large and small, they inevitably have more opportunities to use the cutting-edge technologies they are interested in in their work, making it easier for them to deepen their knowledge as engineers. ・Global values with multi-national talent There are several foreign nationals among our engineers. Since the way of thinking about development differs from country to country, you may be able to get advice from angles that you may not have thought of. ■About the Clients The company's broad client portfolio includes operating companies and large and midsize SIers in the following industries ・Financial industry: Banking, securities, insurance (life and non-life), FX, electronic money, etc. ・Distribution industry: distribution, retail, etc. ・Packaged software industry: medical, financial accounting, sales management, inventory control, HR payroll, etc. ・Web mobile industry: large portal sites, e-commerce sites, smartphone applications, etc. ・Content industry: media, video distribution ・Gaming industry: social, consumer, online, etc.
Required Skills
【MUST】 ・Experience working on processes from the detailed design phase to release There are currently many projects being developed in the following environments ・Frontend  (e.g.)Javascript、Typescript、React、etc... ・Backend  (e.g.)NodeJS、Ruby、Go、etc... ・Infrastructure  (e.g.)AWS、Azure、Docker、etc... 【WANT】 ・Experience in basic design process ・Experience in leading a team of 3 or more people ・Experience coordinating requirements/specifications and deadlines with customers ・Ability to lead system planning and requirements definition process ・Experience in maintenance and enhancement projects ・Experience in PWA development ・Knowledge of design orientation ・Experience in 0 to 1 development ・Experience in Agile development ・Experience as a scrum master or tech lead 【Ideal Applicants】 ・Empathy with the company's business and vision ・Able to work with ambition, motivation and a sense of responsibility ・Can accept things honestly ・Able to work proactively
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