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Job Description
You will be responsible for all operations in quality control of mobile games provided by GREE/WFS/Pokelabo. ・Recruitment Background To expand the number of members in charge of QA due to the increase in the number of mobile games handled by GREE/WFS/Pokelabo. ・Responsibilities Test planning and test design/execution for each process of releasing new mobile games Test management and execution for the release of additional functions and events for mobile games in operation Quality analysis and quality improvement proposals, QA budget management Negotiation with development related parties, test content adjustment, and various review duties Test vendor test quality management and various business coordination Resolution of quality-related issues and implementation of improvement measures ・Attractiveness of this position You will be able to work within the development team and be involved as a member of the same team. Opportunities to be involved in game development of various genres such as action and RPG. Opportunities to be involved in new game development and to change careers to planner. There are many talented staff members, including creators of hit titles that are well known to everyone, and you can grow while engaging in friendly competition. There are many opportunities to collaborate not only within the department but also with people from other companies, so this is an environment where you can grow while gaining information outside your area of responsibility. Through your work experience, you will have the opportunity to be entrusted with a team and take on management responsibilities in the future. You will be in charge of one title by yourself, and you will have a lot of discretion in test design and execution. As this is a cross-functional department, there is active information sharing across titles and studios, so the environment is fast-paced. ・Attractiveness of the company's QA The company's QA makes maximum use of technology rather than manpower, and we are proud to say that we use the most advanced methods in the game industry. The company is proud of using the most advanced methods in the game industry. We are also the industry leader in the number of presentations in the area of QA at CEDEC. The company is actively involved in external presentations such as at the GREE Tech Conference and AdventCalendar, creating an environment where employees can learn and grow.
Required Skills
Required skills/experience ・5+ years of experience in either software QA or development ・Experience negotiating with other departments ・Experience in managing a team Preferred skills / experience ・Experience in all aspects of test planning, design, and execution ・Experience in QA for release and operation of mobile games or web services ・Experience in verification of mobile games distributed overseas ・Experience working with JIRA, Confluence, and Slack ・Project execution related to test improvement ・Possession of certification related to software testing, such as JSTQB Ideal Applicants ・A cheerful, positive attitude toward work and a desire to grow. ・Able to communicate courteously and sincerely with other departments as a professional in the quality control department.
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