Online Job Interviews: Can You Get Job Offers from Overseas?

The spread of the coronavirus has led to changes in the methods of job hunting and job changing activities. A particularly big change is the rise in the number of online interviews.

In this article, We would like to explain in detail the introduction status of online interviews in Japan, their impact on job hunting activities and job changing activities, and also introduce some representative companies which already incorporate online job interviews.

The Status of Online Job Interviews in Japan

Do you know how many companies currently offer online job interviews in Japan?

Looking at the results of a survey conducted by Recruit Career in March 2020, 29.8% of the Japanese companies have already adopted online job interviews for mid-career hires or have already decided to adopt online job interviews. Besides, including companies that are considering introducing online interviews, more than half of all Japanese companies are already involved in this new trend.

Therefore, if you are going to start job bunting or job changing activities soon, we could say that more than half of your job interviews may be conducted online.

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The Status of online job interviews in the USA

It is said that the USA introduce the most online job interview in the hiring process in the world. What about the status of online job interviews in the USA when comparing the status of Japan?

According to a survey by Ideal, a US provider of recruiting software found that 63% of HR managers in the United States use online video tools for job interviews.

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Japan still behind in the introduction rate of online job interviews compared to advanced countries, but the influence of the coronavirus will surely accelerate online recruitment activity, and the number of online job interviews will continue increasing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Jobs Interviews

Since the number of online job interviews still increasing, We would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of online job interviews.

Advantages of Online Jobs Inerviews

  1. Saving time and no need moving
  2. Relaxed environment

Saving time and no need moving

Since the interview is conducted by online, it’s unnecessary to go to the office of the company you’re applying to, saving you the travel time and energy.

As you can save time, it will be easier to adjust the schedule and you will be able to smoothly participate in the selection process of the companies

Relaxed environment

There are a lot of people who can be relaxed when they meet with the interviewer and others who can not. When you go to a job interview while you are nervous, you may not be able to give the answers you want or you may even lose your chances.

In the case of an online job interview, the environment will be easier to have a job interview without worrying about the ambiance of the place.

Disadvantages of Online Jobs Interviews

We would like to explain the disadvantages of online recruitment for job seekers below.

  1. The interviewer’s reactions are difficult to read
  2. Hard to catch the atmosphere of the office
  3. Internet connection troubles

The interviewer’s reactions are difficult to read

It’s hard to read the interviewer’s facial expression because you don’t meet him with face to face.

In the case of an actual face-to-face interview, you can easily realize how the interviewer feel if see their reactions like nodding and facial expression. However, in the case of an online interview, it’s difficult to do that. And also it can be the same from the interviewer’s view.

Especially, if the interviewer doesn’t understand how to deal with online job interviews, reading the reactions would be more difficult for you.

Hard to catch the atmosphere of the office

One of the major factors when you decide to join a company is the “office atmosphere”.

In common hiring activities, the atmosphere of the company could be understood with the number of times the company is visited during job interviews.

To change these disadvantages, some companies have been posting videos that show the atmosphere of the office so applicants could get it.

Internet connection troubles

In the case of online job interviews, the internet network environment would be trouble well. If you may not be able to connect well, you couldn’t listen the questions and the interviewer couldn’t listen your answer well. In the worst case, the interview time may end as it is.

Therefore, be sure to check the internet connection before an online job interview.

In the unlikely case, if you have sudden disconnection, freezing of the video and so on, you don’t panic and call the recruitment counter of the company directly and explain the situation with calm.

Also, some companies use software that needs to be installed in advance, we recommended to install it in advance.

Major Japanese companies that have adopted Online Recruitment

We would like to introduce major Japanese companies that have already included online interviews and AI systems.

Even major Japanese companies are actively engaging in online job interviews. Those who are looking for a job will be easier to apply for the job that are more interested than ever.


What did you think about the article on the state of online job interviews in Japan this time?

Although there is still a huge difference in online recruitment activities between developed countries and Japan, the spread of the coronavirus has Japan to introduce online job interviews more than before.

Even if you do not live in Japan, finding a job in Japan will be easier than ever.

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