How to Search Jobs for Software Engineers in Japan!


The article summarized how to search jobs for foreign Software engineer in Japan.
We hope it’s useful for not only programmers working in Japan but also job seeker who search jobs in Japan from abroad.

Job boards for Software engineers in Japan

Job board is the most popular job search way in Japan. This part will introduce popular job boards for software engineers in Japan.

Job boards with many IT jobs for foreigner is the No.1 job boards that has the largest foreign register who want to change job in Japan. Their target is not only foreigner but also Japanese who can speak English.

You can see posted jobs in both English and Japanese, and also there are many IT engineer jobs here. If you register their scout service, companies and recruitment agencies would contact you.


CareerCross is one of the biggest job boards for bilingual speaker in Japan as well as

They are a group of JAC Recruitment which is a famous recruitment agency for middle to higher class, so there are more middle and higher jobs than

You can search job in both English and Japanese on the website and get scout service.


As you know, LinkedIn is the largest business social networking service in the world. It’s not as major in Japan as other countries, but it’s used a lot when company hire foreigner in Japan.

Therefore, there are many jobs targeting foreigner including IT engineer. Their jobs are written by either Japanese or English. The jobs written by Japanese would target foreign Japanese speakers.


TalentHub is a job boards for foreign IT engineers in Japan. They have many Vietnamese job seekers and have only IT engineer jobs for foreigner.

However, As of March 2020, the number of jobs looks less than other job boards above.


GaijinPot is a famous Japanese web media for foreigner in Japan. Many jobs are on the website, but the most of them are English teacher jobs and IT jobs are no so many.

Advantage of using job board

Advantage of using job board is followings.

  • Job search with your desired criteria
  • Many jobs
  • A lot of information not only words but also photo and video etc.

Disadvantage of using job board and cautionary points

As job boards are posted jobs directly by hiring companies, the information tends to be subjective. It might be different from what you expect, because it’s not objective.

Therefore, you should ask questions in job interviews in order to confirm what you should know.

< Company review websites >

We can recommend you some company review websites that are used in Japan to check objective reputations reviewed by employees of the companies.

However, any websites are written by Japanese.

Although there are some companies with few reviews, if the size of the company is bigger, there would be many reviews.

However, it would be just information for you because the reviews may not be the fact.

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agency is used as the second biggest job search service in Japan.

We’ll introduce some famous recruitment agencies supporting mainly foreign IT engineers in Japan.

G Talent

Our service, G Talent, is a professional IT recruitment firm in Japan. It’s focused on foreign IT engineers in Japan.

There are many IT jobs from global companies to start-up companies and you can get the support with 4 languages, English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Both those who have already been working in Japan and those who want to work in Japan from now on can get the service with free.

You can apply suitable jobs to you, as there are more than several hundreds jobs recruiting foreign IT engineers in Japan on our website.

Robert Half

Robert Half is one of the biggest recruiting firms in the world. They are supporting job search of bilingual Japanese and foreigners in Japan.


RGF is a group of Recruit Holdings which is the biggest recruiting firms in Japan. They have many jobs with using strong group network.

As there are many recruitment companies in Japan other than above, you can use some suitable agencies with you.

In case of recruitment agency, you can get many objective information about not only company but also working viza and living.


You can do other job search as followings.

  • Direct application on the company’s recruitment website.
  • Referral through your friends.

As there are some companies which doesn’t post jobs on job boards, you can apply to the jobs through the company’s recruitment website if you have a company which you are interested in.

However, since company’s recruiting website doesn’t have generally less the information than other job boards, you need to collect information through the job interviews and internet.

If you have some friends in Japan, you can rely on them to introduce some available jobs.
Generally, it would be better to get deeply information about the company.

However, it’s not necessary that the company your friends refer to you is better. In any case, you can proactively collect information on your own.


There are other ways to search jobs than what we introduced this time.

As we introduced some ways that are generally used well, please try the best way you are suitable as reference.

Sincerely hope all foreign IT engineers in Japan can meet a comfortable and suitable working environment.